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The 4th grade poetry Egyptian-Israeli war

This is pricesless:

An international grade school poetry contest
quickly deteriorated into an aggressive cyberspace battle for Middle
Eastern honor when word got out on the Internet that a nine-year-old
Israeli girl had pulled ahead of an Egyptian competitor and threatened
to take first prize.

Sharon Livneh, a fourth grader at Ma'aleh Adumim's Sde Hemed
elementary school, had no idea when she penned a poem about her
sister's bat mitzva that she had set off a chain of events that would
lead to a fierce Arab-Israeli confrontation on the Internet.

Livneh was the pride of her school and hometown when she became
the only Israeli to be chosen as one of six finalists in a British
Council-sponsored poetry contest.

Just a few hundred kilometers south of Livneh's home an
Egyptian school boy named Youssef el-Kattan was also celebrating his

The two children's poems along with their names and countries
of origin appeared on the British Council's Web site. Whoever received
the most votes via the Internet would win.

You can see where this may be going.. 

Almost immediately it was clear that Livneh and
el-Kattan had attracted a disproportionately large amount of attention
on the Web. While most children had received dozens of votes, Livneh
and el-Kattan had accrued thousands.

"All along she was in second place," recalled Sharon's mother, Adina. "Youssef from Egypt was in first place.

"But around 2 p.m. on Monday, Sharon pulled ahead with 3,475
votes against his 3,445. I admit that I and Sharon's grandfather were
doing some serious campaigning among friends and family.

What happened next was truly funny! 

"All of a sudden they dropped a bomb on us. At 5:40
p.m., Sharon had 4,171 votes, while Youssef had 39,538. Two-and-a-half
hours later the results were 4,476 and 43,347."

So, the mother of Sharon complained about possible foul-play and the Council suspended the voting. You wanna know what the final count was?

Before the British Council suspended the voting, Youssef was leading with 70,000 votes to Sharon's 5,000.


I love the Middle-East! 

Found in Zamalek

Those pictures are taken in the lobby of a building in Zamalek. As you can see, some people take Valentine's day way too seriously…





Amazing, ehh? 

Our fun arab world

I have been following the reactions of the arab population in regards to Saddam's death and those items sprang out to me as share-worthy:

Libya has declared 3 days of mourning over the death of Saddam and Qhaddafi is planning to build a statue of him in the capital.

Saddam's lawyer declared that in the final houres with Saddam, Saddam asked him about the Editors in Chief who were on his payroll. The Lawyer responded that all of them have falterd on his support, except for Mostafa Bakry, the editor of el Osboa, and the editor of Al Quds newspaper. Saddam replied: "well as long as those 2 are still standing their ground, then I have no fear for the future of the arab nations".

The Egyptian Journalists syndicate did a commoneration for Saddam yesterday, where he was decalred "in rank with the greatest leaders and the
national symbols of the Arab nation; those who live eternally in the
minds and hearts of the Arab people like Saladdin, Omar Al-Mukhtar and Saad Zaghloul. He is one of those who sacrificed for the good of the nation and it's liberty." Yes, cause when I think Saddam, I think Saladdin and Saad Zaghloul. Are those people high?

And finally, last but not least, Shaabola , at the meeting of national forces that oppose Saddam's execution, has declared that he believes that the US and Zionist entity will try to assassinate him for his fiery position against them. He then asked everyone there to take care of his children if that ever happened. Cause, you know how dangerous Shaabola is to the jewish zionist conpiracy!

Have a nice day!

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