Ossama’s beard, revisited

Sully gives our favorite Jihady some "grooming tips", regarding the state of his very controversial beard!

The Facebook drinking Game

Not advisable with tequila!

Deflection Reflections

The Greeting card from Gonzales to Larry Craig is just funny. Inappropriate, but, you know, funny..

My Humps

No other song have I hated more in the past few years than My Humps by the Black Eyes Peas, which is why this video by Alanis Morisette is the best freakin thing I have seen in a very long time!

The Invasion is now complete

I am talking Iraq , of course!

Egyptian-American comedians

Meet Sherif and Ronnie.

The art of creating the Abdel Karim legend

For those who are paying attention, it is happening as we speak!

Barak Obama: Not Black?

Stephen Colbert is on the case, and he is brilliant!

Paretz, Defense Minister

Blog to America

Here is a blog service where people can write blogs directed towards the US. Check it out and enjoy the mulitude of reasons why people really hate the US!

The Edwards-Pendagon affair

I don't know if you have been following this, but here is Marcotte's side of things. Amazingly, everything bad that happend to her is still because of sexist men who can't handle a world where a woman as (insert fabolous adjective here) as her exists and prospers. Some things never change, I guess!

The 4th grade poetry Egyptian-Israeli war

This is pricesless:

An international grade school poetry contest
quickly deteriorated into an aggressive cyberspace battle for Middle
Eastern honor when word got out on the Internet that a nine-year-old
Israeli girl had pulled ahead of an Egyptian competitor and threatened
to take first prize.

Sharon Livneh, a fourth grader at Ma'aleh Adumim's Sde Hemed
elementary school, had no idea when she penned a poem about her
sister's bat mitzva that she had set off a chain of events that would
lead to a fierce Arab-Israeli confrontation on the Internet.

Livneh was the pride of her school and hometown when she became
the only Israeli to be chosen as one of six finalists in a British
Council-sponsored poetry contest.

Just a few hundred kilometers south of Livneh's home an
Egyptian school boy named Youssef el-Kattan was also celebrating his

The two children's poems along with their names and countries
of origin appeared on the British Council's Web site. Whoever received
the most votes via the Internet would win.

You can see where this may be going.. 

Almost immediately it was clear that Livneh and
el-Kattan had attracted a disproportionately large amount of attention
on the Web. While most children had received dozens of votes, Livneh
and el-Kattan had accrued thousands.

"All along she was in second place," recalled Sharon's mother, Adina. "Youssef from Egypt was in first place.

"But around 2 p.m. on Monday, Sharon pulled ahead with 3,475
votes against his 3,445. I admit that I and Sharon's grandfather were
doing some serious campaigning among friends and family.

What happened next was truly funny! 

"All of a sudden they dropped a bomb on us. At 5:40
p.m., Sharon had 4,171 votes, while Youssef had 39,538. Two-and-a-half
hours later the results were 4,476 and 43,347."

So, the mother of Sharon complained about possible foul-play and the Council suspended the voting. You wanna know what the final count was?

Before the British Council suspended the voting, Youssef was leading with 70,000 votes to Sharon's 5,000.


I love the Middle-East! 

A twist in Abdel Karim’s trial

The AbdelKarim's trial is becoming surreal.

Guess what the head Judge of the Alexandria court of appeals- the court Abdel Karim's case will go to if he gets a guilty verdict- does on his spare time?

He blogs.

The discovery was made by Gharbeia (link in arabic) and it gets better. The dude wrote a book on the legal bases and defintions of blogging. A freakin book! This is the Boss of any Judge that will take Abdel Karim's case in court. One wonders how will that affect the verdict exactly!

This is becoming so interesting!  

“Immigrants, don’t stone women!”

So says a canadian town.

But whatever happend to multiculturalism? And respexting other people's culture? Isn't such a declaration, in canadian eyes, RACIST, as my canadian friend has told me repeatedly?

Oh well, maybe the canadians are waking up! 

How to pick up women

A guide for the rest of us!

Mecca Laalaa is back

In yet another Burqini story.

I still think her name is freakin made up!  

Th great indian horse skid chase

In Egypt, whenever we hear a story that is so outrageous that it just defies belief, we call it an indian movie. If you watch this clip from an indian action movie, you will know why. (H/T the one and only Bakkouz )

I love the Onion

If Only…

Who needs a punchline?

Paris Hilton wants to be taken seriously as an actress!