Subhuman orientalists

A notion exists amongst leftist ideologues: If a revolution takes place that isn't started by the poorest elements of society, then it has no merit and shouldn't be supported. The concept behind such a notion is simple: Every society has more poor people, than rich people, therefore the poor are more the public than the rich or middle-class, and thus not a "People's revolution. This is, of course, utter bollocks. While being poor is not a negative, it's also not a virtue in itself, otherwise there wouldn't be so many movements to eradicate poverty. And there are good reasons for that: The poor tend to not have much chances for upward mobility, less access to quality education or health-care, and usually more susceptible to the sway of religious leaders, who provide them with hope that one day they won't suffer anymore, set above those who are richer or more affluent than them by a mighty and just God who will end their suffering. Also, do their economic condition, they are usually less engaged in most political discourse, due to their focus on putting food on the table, and are also more likely to lend their voices and political loyalty to whatever politician that would appear to help them or provide welfare or charity to them, no matter what his end-goal may be. I have seen this tactic being used by both the Egyptian government and the MB, so I kind of know what I am talking about.

This kind of vote-buying and political pandering are usually the hallmarks of socialist or Islamic regimes, and let's use two of my favorite examples: Venezuela and Iran. Or, better yet, Ahmedinjad and Chavez. Both were democratically elected on platforms of fighting corruption and change. Both used the state's resources in order to buy the support of the poorest segment of the population, by giving them handouts that won't sustain them for long and that make them dependable on the "dear leader" figure, on the expense of their country's economy and overall development. In such societies, you usually find the opposition to the country's program coming from the lower to upper middle-class, while the richest of the population usually finds ways to adapt and co-exist with the new elite of the country (i.e. the new president's men). Such regimes are also usually very anti- freedom of speech and criticisms, usually deploy thugs or security forces in plainclothed uniforms to beat protesters against them, and generally create the illusion that they are the protectors of the country and the people from a dangerous far-away enemy that aims for their destruction, and spend most of their time attacking said enemy in the press and in rallies. The enemy, as you all know, has been Bush's USA, which both leaders have repeatedly accused of trying to invade their countries and overthrow their government, which happend in neither country really. Anyway..

The point of all of this, is that the people most opposed to the programs of such leaders, are the middle-class, and the young student population. And in the opinion of such ideologues or orientalists, who usually are young or middle-class themselves (god forbid), that makes them invalid:

A sort of pernicious cliché has entered our discussion of Iranian
politics, namely that the Western press cannot be trusted because
American reporters are too lazy to leave North Tehran and too dazzled
by the appearance of a vocal minority of upper-class Iranians who are
congenial to our self-image. We believe Iran is overrun with people who
think like we do, the argument goes, because these are the people who
talk to us. It is true that the movements of American reporters in Iran
are controlled and curtailed to the point where Tehran is the main, if
not the only, point of access, apart from the hard-line holy city of
Qom. I cannot speak for all American journalists who report from Iran,
but I’m sure I’m not the only one who is acutely aware of, and
frustrated by, the lack of insight into the rural heartland this
affords us. The best that we can do is to familiarize ourselves with
the full spectrum of urban life, across class and cultural boundaries.
Most Iranians, after all, live in cities, of which Tehran is only the
most gigantic.

Michael Totten, as well, voices his disdain to such notions:

I will never forget the similar line peddled about Lebanese in March
and April of 2005. I was there when the “March 14” revolution was in
full swing, and I heard from even some Western expats who lived in Beirut that the demonstrators were mostly liberal and “bourgeois” Christians from the “Gucci” class.

It was wrong, and it was contemptible. What ignited that revolution
was the assassination of a Sunni prime minister. Around a million
people – more than a fourth of the entire country – demonstrated in
Martyr’s Square and demanded the ouster of the occupying Syrian
military dictatorship. There aren’t a million liberal “bourgeois”
Christians in all of Lebanon. In any case, the Christians as a
community have proven themselves far less reliably anti-Syrian and
anti-Hezbollah than the Sunnis.

But why do such third-worldist orientalist think this way?

The Westerners I’ve met personally who believe and write this sort
of thing suffer from a condescending Third Worldism and a barely
concealed contempt for Middle Eastern people whom they don’t think are
“authentic.” Arabs and Muslims (and presumably now Persians) aren’t
supposed to hate terrorists or yearn for democracy like Americans do.
They’re supposed to be in thrall to “resistance” and every other
morally and politically bankrupt ideology that attracted the afflicted
expats to the region in the first place.

My experience has also been similar. Too many people, who in their heart of hearts hate US-backed regimes for their "tyranny", "undemocratic ways" and let's not forget "torture", immediately change their tone the moment an anti-US regime does the same. Using such logic, Egypt is a dictatorship controlled by a brutal security apparatus that oppresses the people and has fake support rallies by usually by forced government workers, and Iran is a democracy where the government has to stand against a minority of US-friendly bourgeois and has authentic rallies of support that the poor attend out of their love for the elected president.This way Saudi is a fanatic theocratic terrorist sponsoring country where no human rights are respected, but Iran, ehh, they support the resistance, so we can't call them for doing the exact same thing. That would be, ehh, counter-revolutionary.

Needless to say, they can't publicly say that. So instead they will talk about anti-Iran bias, or western media propaganda, or how this is the will of the people. Ignoring, for example, that without an openly democratic society, where all points of views are debated, and where there is freedom of the press and political expression, then the people really have no will to speak of. Fuck, candidates can't run if the regime doesn't like them: how much is their will respected under such a regime? They will start yelling at people that the election was fairly won (as fairly as one can win an election when one controls the media, the state resources, and let's not forget appoints the head of the government body that monitors and counts the ballots) and that protesters are unrepresentative minority of the population whose views should be dismissed, nevermind that they include (that we know of and can prove under a complete media blackout) students, regular iranian people, clerics, garbage collectors and, now, doctors and nurses. And needless to say, those people represent all classes of society, not just the poor, and thus makes them actually more representative of whatever person the government bussed in and promised a bag of potatoes and rice for their support. But of course, they won't admit to that, because that level of intellectual honesty contradicts their goals and beliefs, and we can't have that. So they will continue looking and searching for whatever random (and god knows there are like 5 only) article that proves their point, and they will repeat verbatim the talking points of the Iranian government propaganda apparatuses, hoping in their heart of hearts that the green revolution gets crushed under the boots of brutes and government thugs, so that their intellectual dishonesty gets validated, no matter what the price.

Now, it's impossible to prove either side right or wrong, especially with the absence of election monitors, a blockage of all communication methods the eviction of international media, and the brutal crackdown that the government conducted (and that not a single one of those subhuman third worldists has condemned so far) on the student population. But, there is one thing that I will leave you with, and please think about it: There is not a government in the world, that has conducted a fair election, and then followed it with a communication blackout and the institution of martial law. Not one!

Think about it!

Regarding the gang-rape story

I am really preplexed by this. I really am. How do you get 46 men to agree to rape the same girl, and do it all in one day? How did it go down exactly? Did they start calling their friends who had a free afternoon on the hand to rape somebody? How did the Phone call go down? "Hello, Fahd. What are you doing right now? Nothing? Good. Wanna come over to the rest house and rape an indonesian maid? Oh, yeah, I am for real. We have been raping her the whole afternoon. Gamal and Ahmed are even here and they raped her as well. They can tell you all about it. Ahmed was the last one. He is the 25th to rape her. You can be 26 if you want to. Come on man. What else do you have to do? Come get some. And hurry. We told the entire bin Hamood clan and they are coming all the way from Jaddah. And you know they don't really shower, so if you wanna get it while it's still clean, come now. Okay, okay, we are waiting for you. Bye. Fahd is coming boys. Allright. Maybe we should also call Faysal. You can't not invite him to a rape party, especially if we invited Fahd. Ok. Time to call Faysal. Hello Faysal…"

Could it have gone this way? I am not trying to be funny. I am mad as hell and seriouslly horrified here. How do you find so many men who are willing to rape someone in one day? AND HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS HAPPEN IN MECCA? MECCAAAAAA of all places! I mean, logically, the following Question should never have the following Answer in this reality:

Q) Where do you find 46 men who are willing to rape someone at a day's notice?



A 50 Billion dollars Ponzi scheme

Sigh, another Investment Banker perpetrating a huge fraud, probably causing the markets to go even deeper into hell. At this rate, negative sentiments about my career of choice will rival those towards lawyers. Why didn't I just become an accountant? Sigh..

Here we go again

Another bullshit article , by another idiotic foriegn journalist (Today's dunce is called Joseph Mayton. Joseph, I would like you to meet everybody; everybody, I would like you to meet the new idiot in town.) about how the new generation of Muslim Brotherhood bloggers are going to provoke change inside the movement itself. This myth of reformist MB bloggers got started by our old friend Abdel Monem, and has gained traction amongst some very smart people, like Marc Lynch, despite its utter idiocy. (Now, for the interest of full disclosure, I would like to inform you guys of something I didn't share before: In retaliation to an interview that I made with the Brotherhood's second man, where he admitted that CAIR is the MB front in the US, Abdel Monem wrote a news piece on my US trip in the daily newspaper he works at, where he outed me by name. He stated my real name, and identified me as the author of this blog. Thankfully, nobody, or almost nobody, read that article, and I refsued to point it out back then in order to let it get buried.)

Now, the reason why this whole notion is idiotic, is really really simple, and I do hope that Mr. Lynch and his cohorts pay attention, because I won't say this twice. First of all, the MB blogger movemnet is a made-up movement, something I clearly explained in that post back when, so please re-read it so we can move on from that one. Secondly, even if they are honest to god refromers, those bloggers do not exist anywhere close to any decision-making power within the MB structure. Their job, in case you haven't noticed, is to say the words that make the hasmter hit the paddle: i.e. tell you what you want to hear so that you can feel better about yourself and your world. That the Muslim Brotherhood's goals are to live in a democratic society where everyone's rights are respected. Fine, ok, I will bite: As champions of democratic reforms, the MB must carry democratic elections to elect its supreme elader and his council, right? Wrong, you say? The supreme leader is chosen by a secret and shadowy council inside the MB organization itself? The Council itself gets chosen by the Supreme Leaders and the supreme leaders only? The younger generations never, not once, managed to get any of their people into the decision making cabal? So, how exactly is it their goal to exercise that which they themselves don't exercise? 

"But wait," the article says. "We know all of this, but surely, if the upcoming US admisntration started a dialogue with those young MB bloggers, a reconciliation process will start between the US and those islamist organizations. After all, those bloggers like American movies. One of them even says his favorite actor is Brad Pitt. Surely, we can use that to make inroads to create better relations with the US. You must agree with that, no?"

Ehh, who said you need those people to have a better relationship with the MB? You want a relationship with the MB, you just tell them you wnat to have a relationship with them, and they will form one with you. In case y'all haven't noticed,the MB organization, with all its branches, including Hamas, is  made up of a bunch of whores who are willing get in bed with anyone they could in order to gain more power and support. Hamas-The MB of Palestine- is in bed with the Syrians and the Iranians, despite the fact that those two regimes are opressing their local version of the MB, and its normal. The Egyptian MB is not really in opposition with the government. Hell, they would endorse Mubarak for Life tomorrow if he agreed to give them a lick of Power. They are not clean, and they are not above corruption, because they don't have principles. They will play ball with everyone who is willing to play ball with them. So please, new Obama admisntration, if you want to engage the Brotherhood, you can do that directly at any time, without the help of the MB "reformist bloggers". Just call in your nearest CAIR rep, and he will get the message through. Just do it quickly, because I am not sure how many more of those articles I can take.

Are you done?

All of you noticed that I haven't updated this blog in a while, and many of you wonderd if I was ok. I was, I was just too disgusted with what was going on in my comment section to even contemplate writing here at all. I have never seen this much hate in my life, and I am accustomed to hatemail and vicious comments from trolls. This had reached such a level that I am seriously contemplating closing down the comment feature. I don't want to, and my belief in free-speech compels me not to delete the comments or ban those who are doing it, but if this goes on I will shut this whole thing down.

If you have valid points of discussion, please have them out in the open. If you are going to use colorfull language to make the point, then please do use them, but NO PERSONAL INSULTS OR BIGGOTTED COMMENTS, oh, and if you have a conflict with another comment poster, then please, exchange e-mails, and commence to hate each other in back and forth e-mail. I don't care who started it, I don't care if they deserved your response or not, I don't even care if you think each other to be skidmarks in the underpants of humanity, I don't want to see it. KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES.

Hope we understand one another!


Rule #1 when dealing with emotionaly unavailble people:

Just DON'T!

We might have another border breach coming

Hamas is threatening a repeat of the AlAreesh invasion, and Nora is reporting tensions on the Egypt Gaza borders, with the egyptians over there stocking on food so they wouldn't be left starving like last time!

Hey, egyptian army and security forces, how about you show half of the enthusiasm you show for silencing freedom of speech of the people in protecting the borders? Be fuckin useful for change!

The Sharper Image is going down?


Having HIV in Egypt

This is really messed up:

The arrests began in October 2007, when police stopped two men having
an altercation on a street in central Cairo. When one of them told the
officers that he was HIV-positive, police immediately took them both to
the Morality Police office and opened an investigation against them for
homosexual conduct. The two men told human rights defenders that they
were slapped and beaten for refusing to sign statements the police
wrote for them. They spent four days in the Morality Police office
handcuffed to an iron desk, sleeping on the floor. Police later
subjected the two men to forensic anal examinations designed to “prove”
that they had engaged in homosexual conduct.
Human Rights Watch has documented that such examinations
to detect “evidence” of homosexuality are not only medically spurious
but constitute torture.
Police then arrested two more men because their
photographs or telephone numbers were found on the first two detainees.
Authorities subjected all to HIV tests without their consent. All four
are still in detention, pending prosecutors’ decision on whether to
bring charges of homosexual conduct. The first two arrestees, who
reportedly tested HIV-positive, are being held in a Cairo hospital,
handcuffed to their beds and only unchained for an hour each day. 

Meanwhile, police apparently placed the apartment where one of the men
had lived under surveillance. On November 20, two days after a new
tenant had assumed the lease, police raided the apartment and detained
four other men.
According to the arrest report, the men were fully dressed
and were not engaging in any illegal acts at the time of the arrests.
However, all were charged with homosexual conduct, apparently solely on
the basis that they were found in a dwelling formerly occupied by one
of the earlier detainees.
People who have spoken to the four men since their arrest
told Human Rights Watch that a non-commissioned officer in the police
station beat one detainee on the head several times. Police allegedly
forced the four men to stand in a painful position for three hours with
their arms lifted in the air. They were provided no food, drink, or
blankets during their first four days of detention. Authorities also
tested these men for HIV without their consent. One of the men
reportedly said that the prosecutor, when informing him that he had
tested positive for HIV, told him: “People like you should be burnt
alive. You do not deserve to live.” 

I am speechless! Read more here! 

Message to the Egyptian Government






..before anymore bad shit happens! 

That is all!

Blacks are not our brothers

Well, when they try to cross our borders, unlike when palestinians do it, we shoot and kill them. Apparently we are ok with shooting people who are breaching our borders, but only if they are black. That doesn't make us racist, because, well, like, ok, so we are racist. Who cares? They are black, people. I mean, Somalia is now facing the world's greatest humanitarian crisis (yes, more than Gaza. Imagine!!) according to the UN, but does anybody care? Hell no. Do you see anyone collecting money for them? Or doing anything to alleviate their suffering? Aren't they our muslim brothers too? Oh, right, I forgot. They are black. Plus, the people causing their crisis are not Jews. We don't care unless the crisis is somehow related to Jews or americans. I can't even imagine the trouble we would be in with world-opinion if we had shot and killed a palestinian on our borders, but Blacks are ok. Fantastic!

Al-Qursaya island

Q: Why is this story of the egyptian army's seizure of land and homes not reported in the egyptian media or anywhere on the blogsphere?

A: Because critisizing the army in any way can land you for at least year in jail. Plus, whatchu gonna do? Call them thieves? Can't really steal what you already own, and they own all of our asses. You know why? Cause they got guns and we don't. Yay for Gun Control Laws.


About that DC conference

will write about it eventually, but for now, what he said!

Selling american Brides online

This is very clearly a Hoax (if you are still hopeful about it, read this article and weep, Perv),but it does raise some serious questions to me: What, exactly, are the limits for pedophilia in light of marriage through Parental consent? I mean, I know there aren't a lot of 13 and 14 year old Brides out there in the US, but they must exist. I have seen enough small backwater towns with its people's minds running on the loopy side to know that this is quite possible. Hell, all you need is a bunch of realy bad trash parents- and god knows there are plenty of them- with one extra daughter they won't miss and some money they could be using. So, according to the law: Man sleeps with 13 year old, that's statutory rape. Man marries 13 year old with the approval of her mommy and daddy, and sex with her is legal and ok? Does the Girl have to consent? Can a 13 or 14 year old girl make such a decision for herself? How does it all work, really?

And as for our side of the pond, what difference is the dowry from the Bride Price? I know that some people will like to recite the comfortable distinction that a bride price goes to the parents, while a dowry goes to the couple, but you and I know that this ain't always the case! Hell, until now there are cases of a women's dowry consisting of livestock in farmland egypt. Not to mention the dowry paid by rich arabs who come to egypt for 2 weeks to a month marriage to a poor you egyptian girlwhose parents could use the money, which happens more than any of us would like to admit. And the public consensus is: this ain't prostitution, because they are married in front of God and society. They have a contract, you see. That makes it all legit. But all in all ignoring the simple truth: You are paying for a bride to marry you. You negotiate the Price with her family. Whether this money is spent on the couple's house or kept by the father is irrelevant: In order to be with that woman and have her have sex with you every night, you had to pay lots of money. And the more you pay, the more your new mother in law can brag about how much her daughter is worth, and somehow not thinking twice about how truly fucked up or disgusting this whole thing is.

So here is a Business opportunity for you: a website selling Egyptian brides, and instead of bride price one writes dowry, and the men can bid their money away for the chance of being the first to "hit that". It would all be legal as long as a marriage contract got signed, and surely there wouldn't be an uproar about it. God knows in our society, the worst thing that could happen to a girl is for her not to be married, you know?


Keeping up with the fun ride that is my life, my computer apparently got hit by the Kernell Virus and the whole system is wiped. I am sending it to the computer store and hopefully they will be able to salvage something. Until then I have no laptop, and no way of doing anything. This sucks. I hate Virus makers. Hate them!



So yesterday I went to the AUC to hear Seymor Hersh speak. I must say I had only heard of the man in passing, and knew that he was the guy who broke out the Abu Gharib story, but beyond that I had no prejudices going in. And then I read who was presenting him, and those Prejudices went right out of the window. You see, the man was brought to us by the Heikal foundation for Journalism, as in Mohamed Hassanein Heikal. For those unfamiliar with the man, he wrote the book on crony journalism and regime propaganda. This is the man who crafted the image of Nasser for the egyptian people for over almost 2 decades, creating and crafting his personality cult, and then spent the rest of his days as an advisor, a writer, and occasionally a weapon's dealer. But in essence, he is an apologist for an authoratarian regime and a proagandist per excellence. So to hear mr. Hersh talking about how he is glad and optimistic regarding the future of egyptian journalism thanks to institutes such as the Heikal Foundation for Journalism, well, you can understand why I felt like crying at that moment.

However, I was immedietly distracted by the group masturbation session that followed those words as mr. Hersh started his speech. I was wowed by this man's ability to verbally give every single member of the audience a handjob. It was exactly everything they wanted to hear and nothing more. Simply amazing. This is a man who knows his audience and how exactly to bullshit them. For example, he mentioned- with the disclaimer that he has no proof of this- that the UN owed Iraq approx. 9 billion dollars for Oil sales in escrow, which was later on claimed by the US government when it took over Iraq and then simply dissappeared and vanished. He of course has no proof or sources to confirm this, but his audience is not one that needs proof in such matters. After all, we live for this shit.

What was slightly surprising was how pro-Shia the man was (the man apparently could see no harm coming from Iran, syria or hezbollah), which was later on explained to me in the context that this man is a member of the new Left, and the new left believes that any enemy of the USA is a good person and needs to be supported, because the USA is a very bad and naughty country. But the dude was stretching thing a little bit. I mean when he decribed the March 14th movement as "The US backed Sunni dominated Seniora government" I started heaving, but when he described  Hezbollah as "a member of an opposition coalition with Christian catholics" I knew I was in the presence of greatness. This is a man who could distort shit so well that he could disprove gravity. And just so you know, the US is backing a "Fitnah" amongst muslims that is trying to get sunnis to fight the Shias, who apparently before the US moved into Iraq never fought before. Oh yeah, and it's all the saudis fault. If you removed the Saudis and the americans, the region would be peacefull with rainbows, butterflies and choclate springs sprouting all over. It's not like the Iranians are equiping shia militias in Iraq, financing Hezbollah in Lebanon,  trying to detsabalize the government of Bahrain and occupies part of the UAE. Not gonna mention that, no way. The Iranians are cool after all, because they hate the US.

You know, I am willing to listen and accept his version of how the americans are to blame for everything in the middle-east if he would just mention the other asshole players and assign them blame as well. I mean, yeah, the sunnis are asshole extremist fanatics and Saudi is filled with crazy wahabi and mutawaeen, but so are the Shia, and Iran has the religious police and almost executed a girl for killing someone who wanted to rape her. Yet somehow, in Hersh's world view, what Iran does is not a problem, the Saudis are. After all, they are cozy with the US. Dude, this is the middle east. The devil's asshole. Everybody here is guilty. We all have blood on our hands. Sunnis and Shia. Christians and Jews. Arabs and Persians. It's just how things are around here, and it's not gonna change if the Saudis ran out of Oil or the US lost its power and status. Sorry. Any undergrad Junior International Affairs or middle-eastern studies student will tell you that it's a tad more complicated than that. But not as far as mr. Hersh is concerned.

All in all, it was lovely. People had the same blank happy look on their faces that they had after watching Fehrenheit 9/11. They didn't come up with anything new, just everything they have believed and heard a thousand times before just rehashed and repackaged and told to them by an anti-Israeli jew. And, after all, in a country like Egypt, the moral authority of anti-israeli jew is absolute.

So yeah, it was a fun hour. I love me a good bullshit artist. Maybe that's why I always had a soft spot for Bill Clinton. He was, after all, the master of Bullshit artistry! However, if you are not a critical thinker, you left this place with the satisfied face and shit-eating grin of someone who just got exactly what he wanted and expected, faith rewarded. Good for you. Keep it up. Your world will always be a simple one.

Lucky you! 

I am not dead

I just have no internet, and the ISP keeps giving me excuses. BITCHES. I hates them. I hates them big time.

And what happend to the world. I log off for 2 days and anna nicole dies? Not Anna Nicole. She gave me hope. Damn it!


That is all for now! :(  

running around like a headless chicken

Been away for the past few days because I have been moving to a new place, and it's the craziest move I have ever made so far. Nothing is going right, and i still don;t have internet. It's all shitty. Hopefully by tomorrow all will be working again and normal posting will be resumed. Here is hopin!