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It's not bad enough that we are the country of a baby every 23 seconds , we now have a divorce every 6 minutes. A third of Egyptian marriages apparently fail in their first year. Not as bad as the US divorce rates, but we are getting there.

Speaking of the US divorce rate though, since it's 50% now, why even bother with waiting for a while before getting married and wasting all that time being sure first? I mean, whether your marry someone you've loved for years, or one you picked off the street, you have, statistically speaking, equal chances of success or failure. No?  

Pharaonic Temple found inside Luxor Mosque

They found it by coincidence while doing repairs to the Mosque, and and it dates all the way back to RamsesII. The question now is, will they try to excevate the temple, by which destroying the Mosque? Would the Town people let them do that? Can a muslim accept the rmeoval of a mosque because a pharaonic temple- that has false idols and made for the glory of pharaonic gods- was built underneath it? Which would be more important? Which has the priority here? And how old is that Mosque anyway?

And does anybody see any parallels or afteraffects to this decision to the debate surrounding another Mosque built over a temple, in a tiny town called Jerusalem? 

Just wondering… 

Putin ain't going nowhere

Some people, including me, were worried that Putin might change the Russian constitution in order to be able to run for a third term, and possibly more, as Russia's President, which of course leads to the creation of a totalitarian regime in Russia instead of its fragile democracy. But we may all have misjudged the man. Russia's strong man is hinting that he might change the constitution, not to extend the presidential term limits, but so that the powers of the state reside with the office of the Prime Minister instead of the President. He then he intends to run for the office of Prime Minister after that, which, ehh, has no term limits.

And people call him a wannabe dictator. Pfftttttttt! 

Quite possibly an innocent man hangs himself in prison

The news is calling him an Islamic militant, but his apparent suicide puts serious doubts to that theory. Islam is hugely against taking one's own life willingly, unless, u know, one martyrs himself during an act of Jihad (Read: suicide bombings). But to kill oneself in prison? Makes no sense to do so, since it meets no real purpose martyrdom-wise, if, you know, the man was as islamic militant as they are accusing him to be. Which means one of two things: 1) He wasn't an islamic militant and he was wrongfully accused and jailed, so he snapped and killed himself, or 2) The guy really is an islamic militant, but this was no suicide- the prison authorities took his life. Either way it sucks to be him!

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