God, it worked!

Just as a clearification: There is no love story at the moment. It was a rhetorical question, mainly aimed at getting people who would usually engage in long palestinian vs. Israeli debates to talk about something else for a change. To foster some kind of human dialogue going, show other aspects of the personalities of the people who comment here. And it worked, brilliantly I might add. Finally a comment thread that I want to read every word in. And the personal stories. Oh boy. You people give me hope.

I honestly can't decide which was the best answer, since many of them were so good. Also, there is that whole side issue of the blender, which really doesn't exist. Sorry about that. I was wanted to give y'all some incentive. And what better reward is there than a Blender, really?

If I had an answer to that question, it would go something like this: You can't make love stay, but you sure as hell can do your best not to make it go away. People give up on things far too easily these days, with so many opting to let go instead of fighting, thinking that if the love is true, it's bound to come back. The obvious flaw in that plan happens when both let go, expecting the other to make the first move, letting pride get in the way of getting back with the person they love. If you know that the person loves you, and you love them too, don\t let anything get in between the two of you. No matter what.

That being said, sometimes it's a losing battle from the start. Maybe your significant other simply can not be satisfied, no matter how hard you try to make them happy. If they see no value in what you have to offer, if they take your love for granted, and are not willing to do any work on their part to mend any broken fences despite your presistent efforts, then maybe you should just walk away. It's not your fault, it's not love's fault, it's not anybody's fault. Some people are just unhappy with whatever they got, always bored and restless, and always trying to push you away. Those are the ones to avoid. They are emotional vampires, damaged goods, no matter how much you wish that not to be the case. So, in that case, it's best to know when to walk away. Take it from someone who had particluar experiences with such people, it's never too late to tell them to fuck off, and for you to start over. And maybe this time Love will stay. :)

Again, love all of your answers and I am soaking up all of their wisdom. Thank you all!

Question of the day!

Given that my blog is filled with opinianated people, I figured I would pose the following question to you, since I couldn't find an answer to it myself. The Question is:

How, in the name of all that is holy, do you make love stay?

The first person who gives me a good, decent, reasonable answer to that question, gets a new Blender!

Ask Alec Baldwin

Hey people,

I am having a Q&A session with none other than Alec Baldwin next week, which should be interesting to say the least (I will be trying really hard not to scream " You are worthress Arrec Bardwin" to his face every 2 minutes. God Help me I want to soo bad!). That being said, since y'all have been patient with me and all, if you do have a question of your own that you want to ask the leader of F.A.G., please leave it in the comment section and I will pick the best two questions and give them to the man to his increasingly round face.

Oh, and by the way, I am still blogging over there. Come over and make some noise! 

Citizenship tests

Germany and the USA are putting out new citizenship tests, and they are kind of hard. I mean, I passed them, but I am a history junkie, and strangely enough I did better on the german test (6 out of 7) than on the american test (7 out of 10..and I have read books on the constitution. SHAMEFUL!). So, if you think you know your shit, go take the sample german one here and the US one here! 

PS: Don't you just love that the picture they have for a person testing to be a german citizen is a Hijabi? 

Facebook creepiness finally exploited

*This post is only relevant to Facebookers. So if you are a MySpace user or are not on any social network, you have no reason to read this. If you are an HI5 user, please shoot yourself now! Seriously!*

I have warned the people on Facebook about third-party applications before, how it gives people they don't know and aren't part of the Facebook staff (read: people you can't really sue) complete access to their information. Well, some listened, but the majority didn't, and now there is a price to be paid for your privacy: 9.95$ to be exact. The people who made the "Compare Friends" application, on which people vote anonymously and give their true opinions of their friends, well, are acting like a stoolies and offering to sell the information "Who thinks what about you" for 9.95 on Paypal for anyone who wants to buy it. That could be you, your bestfriend, or your sworn enemy who wants to destroy your relationship with your best friend. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, those applications usually are, as people who use them keep telling me.  Well, I bet you are having a blast now, dontcha?

What scares me…

Is this website. Not the avian Flu outbreak or the epidemic, atlough it's scary in its own right. No, what scares me is the website. what it represents.

This is a government website over the Birdflu cases in Egypt. It's up to date, it's easy to use, and informative. It has information and plans to counter the problem. Up-to-date death count. It's professional.

And it's coming from this government.

See, I like my world in black and white. Either we are inept, or we are not. I decided, for my own piece of mind, that we are inept. This proves me wrong. Someone with a brain designed this and continues to work on it. This could mean that we have a government that just acts inept for the sake of it, but knows better and can do better when it wants to. They are just intentionally being inept for the hell of it.

Or this could just be a fluke.

Yeah, a fluke. That's possible, right?

It better be a fluke! 


Leave Egypt, to where exactly?

I received lots of e-mails and comments asking me to leave Egypt after the Abdel Karim sentencing. Ehh, ok, to where exactly? To the US, where the employers and the immigration laws are inventing new ways every day to fuck me over? To Canada or Australia, where any application for immigration would cost money I don't have and at least one year in waiting time? Or should I go for a gulf country, where alcohol, or youtube and flickr are banned? Where to go people?  Any ideas? I am open for any realistic ones. And no, going to Mexico, crossing the border and then telling the police if they catch me that my name is Javier is not a realistic solution.

Any suggestions?