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The Media anti-Shia campaign continues

Remember Ihab al Sharief, the egyptian diplomat that got kidnapped and killed in Iraq ? Well, the egyptian state-owned newspaper Al Ahram came out yesterday with a tiny blip that says that Iranian Intelligence agents are the ones behind his kidnapping and Murder, in an effort to limit Egypt's influence in Iraq. The report cites high diplomatic sources that wish to stay anonymous.

The blip also explains one more thing, and I am translating here:

" The high egyptian diplomatic sources have also declared that there are reasons for the question-raising egyptian/jordanian/ gulf support for the new american plan in Iraq, explaining that the egyptian support for the plan isn't baseless, but as an attempt to save fellow muslim brothers who are being ethnically cleansed, especially in Baghdad, on the hand of armed groups whose allegiance is known."

Nice, ehh?

So, if the armed groups aren't american, and the story talks about how the Iranians are killing egyptians, one concludes two things from this paragraph:

1) Shiites are not fellow Muslim Brothers. 

2) The Egyptian/Jordanian/Gulf support to the american plan is totally based on secterian reasons.

I know, I know, what's the news here? Ehh, nuttin new really. But it's good to hear the egyptian government declare it and make it official is all. Iran killed our envoy, the shia are not our Muslim brothers, and the Sunnis are getting ethnically cleansed by militant groups in Iraq that have knwon allegiances (hint, hint, nudge nudge).

My fellow egyptians, you will so be psychologicaly prepped for a war with Iran by the end of this year, it's not even funny. 

How to win popularity in the Muslim world?

You get a picture taken of you while napping in a Mosque!


Piousness, defined! (Hattip Kamangir

Of course, you might look like a hobo, and some smart people might ask why you would need to sleep there when you are the freakin President, but who said Propaganda was for the smart amongst us? 

That Train won't be late

The people who read me regularly and know me personally know that I am a believer that the next war in the middle-east won't be fought between the arabs and the jews, but rather between the Sunnis and the Shia. Iran seems to be overstepping its influence in the region, with meddeling in Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain, which is freaking Saudi and the other sunni gulf states out, and for some reason Egypt's as well. It makes sense that the gulf states would want Mubarak to join the effort, since Egypt is the only country in the region wih population to equal Iran's and a military in par with it (What is Egypt now if not a big ,yet not very efficient, military structure?). The Egyptian government (i.e. Mubarak), for its part, has been very big on persecuting the Shia in Egypt. The regime itself has been very annoyed by the rising popularity of Ahmeddinjad and Hassan Nasrallah amonsgt the egyptian people, who like them for their "defiance against the zionist imperialist west", which is why Egypt now is "pursuing its own nuclear program" in order to score cheap points with the egyptian public. That aside, something very interesting has been going on in Egypt recently: A very clandestine anti-Shia, anti-Iran campaign in the egyptian media.

I am not really sure who is behind it, whether it is the government, the sunni wahabi islamists forces, or both working together, but it is bearing fruit. Between state sponserd tabloids like Rose al Yousef writing story after story of Iran's and the Shia's rsising influence in the region, to popular islamic televangelist Khlaed Al Gindy going on the egptian state-sponserd TV show "el beit beitak" or on the Privately owned Orbit's "Cairo Today" attacking the shia and calling them infidels and more dangerous than the zionists, to that lawyer who took over the Podium at the meeting of "the nationalistic forces summit to oppose Saddam's execution" who gave the now infamous speech on how with Saddam's death we egyptians should become very weary of Iran since it is the one who pushed for his execution, and that the sunni arab world is now facing a Zionist american Iranian conspiracy that aims to tear apart the middle-east. Redicilous, yes, but it seems to be working. Public sentiments regarding the shia have been changing ever since Sadam's execution, with more people being vocally anti-Shia and the discussions taking place in egyptian private Universities, if they are any indication, seem to be supporting this premise. It's hard to count how many times I've heard people at the AUC or the MSA speaking about how big giant infidels the Shia are and how they have always worked against Islam from the begining, and now, a friend of mine who goes to MIU, was telling me yesterday how she had to face like an angry group of her friends (all technically better educated and well traveld) who were telling her that 1) The Kurds are Shia and 2) All Shia are infidels and 3) They are worse and more dangerous than the zionists as far as Egypt is concerned. The future of Egypt, the fruit of egyptian private education. I weep for the future of this country. Anyway..

So yeah, all of them are seperate incidents, but together they do paint a very interesting picture: The egyptian people are being psychologically prepared for a future sunni-shia conflict with the Shia being the villians, and they are falling for it. If this breaches its inevitable conclusion, with Al Awqaf-hired Imams starting to spread that line throughout Egypt's mosques, it won't be long until you found an Egyptian populace that is very anti-Iran, and subsequently could become anti Hezbollah and Hamas, which would give the government public support in any political or military future action it may feel to undertake. It's frightening, it's pre-planned and it's happening as we speak.

Is it just me, or does the future of this region seem more and more threathening with every passing day?

A.J.'s kisser's wife files for divorce

This has to be the funniest news story of the day:

Moshe Aryeh Friedman, a senior Neturei Karta
member, who passionately kissed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
will now be forced to look for a woman who will agree to kiss him, as
his wife has decided to leave him following his participation in the Holocaust denial conference
which took place in Tehran about a month ago.

The participation
of six Neturei Karta leaders in the Holocaust denial conference in
Tehran continues to stirr up emotions in the ultra-Orthodox community.

Friedman, who lives in Vienna, is the harshest person among the Neturei Karta representatives who arrived in Iran
, and was even photographed kissing the Iranian president. He also
stayed in Iran for another two weeks after his friends left, visiting
universities across the country in order to speak against the State of Israel

'Ultra-Orthodox Voice' service reported that when Friedman finally
returned to Vienna he found out that his wife, following her parents'
advice, had fled to the Satmar community in Williamsburg, New York
City. There she approached rabbis and asked them to help her divorce
her husband due to his misdeeds.


Good News: Nazanin exonerated

I don't know if you have been following the story of Nazanin Fatehi, but it's the iranian girl who when she was 17 had 3 men try to rape her and her 16 year old cousin, so she ended up stabbing and killing one of them in self defense. The Iranian courts, however, didn;t see it this way, and sentenced her to death by hanging. An international campaign to save her life was launched, with more than 330,000 signatures on her online petition alone, and it seems to have finally bore fruit: The court of appeals has exonerated the now 18 year old girl, altough they are demanding that she pays the family of her killer blood money, because apparently killing has was an excessive form of self defense for trying to rape her*. Annoying till the end those iranian judges seem, but nevertheless, the girl is no longer getting hanged nor charged with anything, and if that's not good news, I don't know what is.

* If a girl is raped in Iran, she needs to come up with witnesses that testify that the sex wasn't consentual. Otherwise, she would be just testifying that she had extra-marital sex with a male, and she would be punished and flogged for it. Nice, huh? Yay for Islamic Sharia courts!

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