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Prince Harry was in Afghanistan

And now the whole world knows, so they are pulling him out for "safety reasons", and he is not buying it:

In an interview just last week, Harry conceded that on his return to
the UK, he could be a "top target" for homegrown jihadists sympathetic
to the Taliban.

"Once this … comes out, every single person that supports them will be trying to slot me," he said.

Let's hope not! What this could do to the UK, and any arabs or muslims living there, I don't even want to think about it!

Angelina Jolie has a brain

I am impressed!

Today's humanitarian crisis in Iraq — and the potential
consequences for our national security — are great. Can the United
States afford to gamble that 4 million or more poor and displaced
people, in the heart of Middle East, won't explode in violent
desperation, sending the whole region into further disorder?

we cannot afford, in my view, is to squander the progress that has been
made. In fact, we should step up our financial and material assistance.
UNHCR has appealed for $261 million this year to provide for refugees
and internally displaced persons. That is not a small amount of money
— but it is less than the U.S. spends each day to fight the war in
Iraq. I would like to call on each of the presidential candidates and
congressional leaders to announce a comprehensive refugee plan with a
specific timeline and budget as part of their Iraq strategy.

for the question of whether the surge is working, I can only state what
I witnessed: U.N. staff and those of non-governmental organizations
seem to feel they have the right set of circumstances to attempt to
scale up their programs. And when I asked the troops if they wanted to
go home as soon as possible, they said that they miss home but feel
invested in Iraq. They have lost many friends and want to be a part of
the humanitarian progress they now feel is possible.

It seems to
me that now is the moment to address the humanitarian side of this
situation. Without the right support, we could miss an opportunity to
do some of the good we always stated we intended to do.

May your common sense become infectious! 

US troops in Egypt

First they said that the US would send equipment, but wouldn't have any troops there. Now there is a report of Iowa National Guard soldiers being deployed in Egypt for a Year. And they are not part of the MFO either. Actually:

The battalion is being activated under
several missions, including the war on terrorism and Operation Iraqi
Freedom. The soldiers will provide command to three companies that
remove explosives and offer logistical, medical and aviation support to
troops in the region.

So, either someone is not telling the truth, or we are officially now part of the Iraq War. 

Iraqi cemetery workers suffering due to lack of business

..because the death toll in Iraq has been decreasing significantly. More than a 30% drop in deaths actually in the past 6 months. How about that?

A drop in violence around Iraq has cut burials in the huge Wadi al
Salam cemetery here by at least one-third in the past six months, and
that's cut the pay of thousands of workers who make their living
digging graves, washing corpses or selling burial shrouds.


Dhurgham Majed al Malik, 48, whose family has arranged burial services
for generations, said that this spring, private cars and taxis with
caskets lashed to their roofs arrived at a rate of 6,500 a month. Now
it's 4,000 or less, he said.

The Poor guys. They should form a Union and demand more attacks from the government or something. Oh and Iraq is not improving. No sir. It's a failure. And it won't get better. That's what the media you watch tells you, right?

Yeah. Make sure you listen to it. It doesn't lie at all!

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