The US seeks to undermine Islam

Well, that's what the majority of the egyptians and pakistanis believe! Interesting, no?

Pig Tactics

So, this is what it has come down to? 

I weep for humanity!

The Sunni women’s rape case in Iraq

This story is all kinds of messed up. A sunni woman comes out and accuses 3 members of the iraqi secuirty forces of raping her, so the sunnis get outraged of course and demand an investigation. "US backed" Prime Minister Al Malki reaction: Fire the Sunni official who demanded the investigation, issue an arrest warrant for the woman and plans to reward the men. Even if the woman lied about the rape, which is Malki's excuse for his actions, something just ain't right here!

The Re-Hymenization Fatwa

The Egyptian Mufti- yes, that guy – just issued a fantastic new Fatwa: He said that it is Halal (permissible in Islam) for any female who lost her hymen for any reason to do the operation to have their hymen re-instated. His reasoning? Well, that the Islamic religion calls for Shielding yourself from Scandal (El Satr), and if a re-hymenization operation will do that, then Islam allows it. However, and I am quoting him here, "If a girl does this, she should not tell her Fiance of her operation, and the same applies to the married woman committing adultery, for she shouldn't tell her husbend that commited such an act." He states that this is not wrong or deceptive in anyway, since it aims at "maintaining family unity"- yes he used that excuse again- and "helping fornicating girls to have a second chance in life and be able to get married". That, apparently, makes it OK!

I love this stupid stupid man. He makes me laugh! 

A Koranic smackdown

Carmen takes on those who keep telling her that she can't-as a muslim woman-marry her christian boyfriend to school, Koranic school that is, and delivers a beautiful smackdown on all of their asses. It was soo nicely done I almost felt bad for the idiots who provoked her! Almost!

I ♥ Carmen! 

Benefitting from the Shia-Sunni divide

Israel is adjusting, seeing an opprutunity, and maybe even loving it just a little bit!

Spreading Shiism won’t work

So says the Saudi King. Now if only he relays that message to the egyptian government so that they can stop treating every egyptian Shia as an iranian spy, I might even develop some nice feelings towards that country!

Egypt broadcasts the sunni insurgency TV channel

Read this …. 

Now, do you guys need more proof that Egypt is already taking sides in the upcoming Sunni-Shia war? 

Mecca Laalaa is back

In yet another Burqini story.

I still think her name is freakin made up!  

Introducing: The Burqini

The Burqini, ladies and gentlemen!


Is it just me, or does this look like something out of Star Wars?

"Princess Fatma, from the Planet of the Muslims"

or something… 

Sunni-Shia strife…in detroit???

Over Saddam's execution of all things.

As they repaired the broken windows of at least a dozen businesses and
mosques along Warren Avenue in Detroit, many Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims
wondered Monday if the vandalism was retaliation by local supporters of
Saddam Hussein who resented that they celebrated the hanging of the
Iraqi dictator.

Sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, someone
vandalized at least nine businesses and three mosques, all but one
Shi'ite, according to Ali Zwen, manager of the Kufa Cultural Forum, a
mosque at Warren and Archdale that sustained $4,000 in damage.


Many of the spared businesses are owned by Iraqi-American Christians,
Lebanese Americans and others with Middle Eastern roots. The evidence
is largely circumstantial that Shi'ites were targeted, but some of the
victims say it is too coincidental.


Ahmed said, "Most of the stores that were vandalized … they're happy
for the execution of Saddam, so they're thinking it's somebody who was
pro-Saddam," she said. "They picked which stores that are known for
being anti-Saddam."


If the motivation for vandalism proves to be what she suspects, it
could mark a turning point in metro Detroit's Middle Eastern community.

"This is bad because this would be a situation where people are
bringing the tensions of the Middle East into metro Detroit," said
Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan office of the Council
on American-Islamic Relations.

LOL, cause , u know, that's what detroit is missing: Sunnis and Shias targeting each other.


A good omen

A known islamist thinker, Dr. Mohamed Omara, has recanted words in his latest published book that say that killing non-muslims is fine and dandy in Islam, after the coptic church filed a lawsuit against him. The Doctor claims that he didn't quite mean it this way, and that the words were basically quoted from another islamic scholar Abu Hamid al Ghazaly, who he doesn't usually secondguess, except this time, of course.

All of this is not the reason why I chose this title for this post. 

The reason is as follows: the good doctor refuses to apologize to christians for insinuating in his book that killing them is ok, which is infuriating the commenters on AlArabiya's comments section. If anything, this comment section usually has the kleidoscope of arab opinion, from the caziest islamist Jihadies to the nuttiest bathists arabists, with it's fairshare of jewish and christian haters, and Jiahd apologists. This time, however, things are different. Everybody on the comment section, almost unanimously, calls upon this doctor to apologize and lament those extremists assholes who tarnish the image of Islam or call for the murder or injury of people from other religions. They are speaking out against the islamists extremists who are making a billion muslim in the world look bad. About freakin time this started happening if you ask me!