Aww..poor Jordanians

The concept of "Minimum Charge", of which we have suffered for years, has finally caught up to them, and they are all grouchy now.

My heart bleeds. It really does! 

Riots in Jordanian Prison

Be forewarned if you try to seperate Al Qaeda from the general prison population in a muslim country. Bad things might happen.

Queen Rania is on Youtube

You can start your drooling all over this hot Mama here!

The Iraqi WMD’s are in Jordan

Or so says Huckabee. Don;t you just love Huckabee? Total clueless Idiot who knows nothing about what he is talking about, but you just can;t help but love him. Oh, and bad Jordan. Very bad Jordan.

Jordan Bows to Big Brother

Some seriously sad news coming from the one country in the region that seemed adamant to leave Freedom of Speech alone. Too bad!