The solution to Lebanese politics

Well, that was a post I was supposed to write, but I told it to Mustapha when I met him in DC, and now he wrote it (although he did give me credit), which goes to show you that you should not procrastinate on your blogging. Bad Monkey, Bad. But think about this solution for a second. I mean, honestly, an Ouwet vs Hezbollah Game. How could that suck?

Global Voices Lebanon Coverage


Lebanon: Dark Days ahead of Presidential elections

Lebanon: Headed on a spiralling Path

Lebanon: We are sinking.

Someone is optimistic! 

Google Spies on Hezbollah

Mustapha from Beirut spring makes a startling discovery.

Another Hezbollah/Israel War?

Hezbollah is re-arming for one, and since they started the last one, I am not sure Israel shouldn't be calling their bluff. I guess Nasrallah truly won't rest until Lebanon is in pieces. God knows that's the only way he can win!

I love Seymour Hersh

From his latest al jazeerah interview:

1)       American
intelligence sources told him that Lebanese AND middle Eastern parties
opposed to Syria misled the Unites States and France with false
evidence (or manufactured evidence) designed to implicate Syria in the

2)       His
sources at the UN tell him there is no evidence against Syria yet. That
the Hariri killing was very carefully planned and executed, and that we
might never find out who ordered that assassination.

He is so full of shit, it's awesome!

Pelosi meets Assad

Somehow, given who Pelosi is and what she stands for, this makes perfect sense!

However, before people start screaming treason, ehh, Mustapha may have a point that you might want to consider! 

Nabih Berri is still a piece of shit

Sure, nuttin new here, but it's worth saying!

What’s in a name

The last summer Lebanon War seems to be causing quite the problem in Israel : They don't know what to name it or call it, and apprently the name is necessary in order for them to deal with its political and psychological aftermath.

See, we arabs never have that problem. It's all part of the evil imperialistic wars of the jewish zionist entity. No need for introspection or analysis. We just don't have the time for that that Jews seem to have. Must be a guilt thing!

Bombs, Bombs, everywhere

A suicide bomber nabbed in Egypt, who went to Al Azhar University. Just so we can keep count, Al Azhar has produced a "Blasphemer", a "Gay apostate christian convert zionist spy" and a suicidebomber! Fantastic!

Oh, and they found a bomb at the American University in Beirut. Sure, it's 200 grams of TNT, but still a bomb, you know? 

Landis vs. Young

Issandr told me of their catfight yesterday, but I didn't know it was getting this big. Hell, even Abu Kais- a lebanese shia himself- has joined the fun!


I was gonna play guess the lebanese blogger in this piece, but it seems that someone already outed him!

No love for Syria from Lebanon

Seniora just called for imposing sanctions on Damascus! For real!

Explosions rock Beirut

One day before Harriri's second anniversary. The explosions were on buses that were supposed to carry Harriri supporters apparently. Abu Kais has more!

The General’s fauxtography

Le General shoots himself in the foot, on live TV!

Hezbollah’s Founder lashes out at Hezbollah

Sheikh Subhi Tufaili, the Founder of Hezbollah and its first Secretary General, just lashed out at Hezbollah:

Hizbullah founder and ex leader Sheikh
Subhi Tufaili on Saturday accused Iran of stirring trouble between
Shiites and Sunnis to destroy both Iraq and Lebanon, urging Shiites to
mend fences with the majority Sunni sect.
Tufaili at a news conference said Shiites
are "small minorities scattered in the vast sea of the Islamic world.
It is in their interest to be allies for the majority and to mend
fences with Sunnis."

"Otherwise, we will destroy even our future… this is crazy…we'll be slaughtered like sheep even in Lebanon. This is a reality."

He said Iran's spiritual leader Ali
Khamenei has a dual policy. "In Iraq, he destroys Iraq under the slogan
of alliance with America and in Lebanon he destroys Lebanon under the
slogan that says the Sunnis are the allies of America."

He stressed Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the person who carries out Khamenei's policy.

I am an ex-secretary general for Hizbullah
and I know that Sayyed Hassan is in charge of carrying Sayyed
Khamenei's policy in Lebanon. Sayyed Abdul Aziz al Hakim is the person
who executes Khamenei's policy in Iraq."

He accused Hizbullah, of which he was fired
more than eight years ago after disagreeing with the Iranian
leadership, of forming its own state in Lebanon and "the resistance is
its weapon."

"There cannot be two states and two
weapons, that of Hizbullah and that of the government. We need to unify
the weapons under one command. Two states would lead to war," he said.

Hopefully someone will listen… 

Casualty rates

From Yesterday's clashes in Lebanon:

Police, in a final toll of the trouble, reported that three people
were killed and 173 injured. Of the 173, 48 suffered gunshot wounds and
the rest resulted from blows from sticks or stones.

Tuesday's clashes quickly took on a dangerous sectarian tone in a
country whose divided communities fought a bloody 1975-1990 civil war.
Gunmen from neighboring districts in the northern city of Tripoli — one
largely Sunni Muslim, the other largely Alawites, a Shiite Muslim
offshoot — fought each other, causing two of the fatalities.

Scary shit!

In Flames

To put the following pictures in context, read this

 A Aoun supporter does what Aoun supporters do best: Posing!


 Start me a little fire with some tires..


 …so that we can look cool jumping over it. "Told you it would look gangsta!"


 " As protest for not having jobs, we are going to prevent anyone else from going to theirs."


A Hezbollah supporter, doing his part to further ruin Lebanon!


 Pro- and anti-Government supporters start clashing by throwing rocks at each other… the army arrives to keep people apart…


 ..and while it tries to do the best job it can..


 ..the lebanese people continued to fight each other.


 @ the Rafiq Harriri airport: The Inevitable conclusion!

I can find no better image representing the mindset of the lebanese "opposition" than this guy, using his hand to point " we are number one", with all the fire, smoke and ruins behind him, as if saying "May it all burn, as long as we get to rule!" 

Truly, their vision for Lebanon!

For more on what the scene in Lebanon looked like today, go here! 

More updates here! 

Hezbollah chic

Now here is someone I would like to liberate! :P  

A very strange story

Something really weird is happening with the UN Harriri investigation:

Hezbollah's leader on Sunday denounced U.S. and French opposition to
letting the chief U.N. investigator in the assassination of former
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri identify the countries he feels
are hindering the probe.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said the

U.N. Security Council
debate over naming the 10 nations was further proof that the
investigation into Hariri's February 2005 killing was being politicized.

"It is a big scandal for the United States and France to reject
naming these countries in the Security Council. The big question is
why?" Nasrallah said in an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper
Al-Anbaa. Excerpts were carried Sunday by the official National News
Agency and Hezbollah's own Al-Manar TV station.

The bombing that killed Hariri was widely blamed on

and mass street protests by Lebanese over the slaying and international
pressure forced the Damascus regime to end a nearly three-decade Syrian
military occupation of its smaller neighbor.

Lebanon's politics have since been snarled in a standoff between the
pro-Western government and groups such as Hezbollah that are allied
with Syria.

U.N. officials had earlier accused Syria of resisting the Hariri
investigation, in which the suspects include several pro-Syria Lebanese

But in his fourth report to the Security Council on Dec. 16, chief
investigator Serge Brammertz said Syria was now assisting his team in a
"timely and efficient" manner. He said, however, that 10 other
countries had failed to respond to 22 requests for information.


Last week, Russia sought to have Brammertz provide the Security Council
with the names, but was blocked by opposition from the United States,
France and other council members.

Okay, what the fuck is going on? And which 10 other countries are on that list? And why are the US and France stopping their revelation? Who is on it? The kneww-jerk response from the arab street would probably be Israel, but that's just one country and it would be too cliche and stupid for Israel to do so. So the real question is, if Israel is one of those 10 countries, who are the other 9? And why do I have the feeling that the list will include a very specific Gulf Country that has very strong support to the Harriri side?

I guess we will know sooner or later. Right? 

The “Divine Victory” perfume

It exists, and it's now sold in Lebanon, and if any of you are coming from Lebanon to Egypt, please make sure to bring me one. I want to know how Divine Victory smells like. I have a theory that it smells like Khameini's Ass, but I could be wrong!