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In case anyone needed another cautionary tale on why you shouldn't add your Boss on Facebook, well, here is a new one.

Speaking of Facebook, Here is CNN "reporting" on the 12 most annoying facebook types. Remember when CNN used to report actual news? Those were the days.

Science ponders Zombie attacks , and the scientist who ponders it is called Robert Smith? with a question mark in the end of Smith, in order to officially distinguish himself from his namesake who is the frontman of The Cure. Clearly a scholar, that guy! Oh, and by the way, according to the study, if Zombies attack, we will lose. Man, I didn't see that coming!

Men are now officially obselete!

Eelectric Cars are now officially cool!

Your dog humping your legs? Buy him a doggie sex doll . You have a female dog you say? And it humps your leg? You sure about this?

Oh, and lats but not least, if you ever pondered who, between Huxley and Orwell, was right about our future..well.. Huxley won!

Hope I provided y'all with enough distraction during your first day of fasting. Remember, the monkey loves you!

Spreading Apartheid discourse

Nizo, the hilarious palestinian gay blogger, finally gives in to peer pressure!

The Future kinda sucks

Gotta agree with Roba on that one!

Give Ghaza to Egypt?

Drima thinks he found the solution to the current crisis, which is to give Ghaza to Egypt, West Bank to Jordan, and call it a day. I am sad to say that Drima is more confused than a blind man in an orgy if he thinks such a solution should even be put on the table. And here is why:

1) It's not anybody's to give anyway!

2)Sure, it used to be our protectorate, until the Israelis took it over in 1967, a nice place where lefty seculars live. Now, they want to return it to us, with islamist militants running the show? Oh, thank you. Do you wanna give us blankets with chickenpox in them as well?

3) If we did end up taking over Ghaza, we will have to clean it from Hamas's presence and disarm the population, which means that we will kill and or arrest at elast about 30,000 people , just in the initial sweep, and we really don;t want palestinian blood on our hands, or like anywhere near us to begin with. So, again, pass.

4) Do you really want the palestinians to enjoy the same "rights and freedoms" that Egyptians have under the blessed Mubarak regime? Really?

Now, while it is a nice way for the Israelis to wash their hands from the mess they created (I am totally awaiting those comments where you tell me that " they are egypt's responsibility". Hey, do they have prozac on your planet? Get some! You need it!), I have to say that I am not fully- or like, at all- on board. Let's face it, Egypt has always been everybody's surrogate Homeland, the place everyone can go to and make their temporary home, as the 4 million sudanese refugees (Hey drima, you wanna take them back?), the 2 million somalian refugees and the half million iraqi refugees we took in the past 5 years will tell you. But that's it. We are a stop on the way at best. We are to a homecountry for others what Tofu is to chicken. We don't give passports and we don't give rights, and honestly, the Ghazan's probably deserve better than this. So, yeah, not big on that idea. God knows that this is partly what is feuling our decision to keep the border clsoed, because we know that at at least 40% of the people living in Ghaza would not want to go back under Hamas's rule if they could, and we fear that they would start refugee camps in Rafah, one that they would refuse to leave. So, yeah, not a good diea Drima. Sorry to disappoint you!

Huffington Post stealing content

As someone who is somehwat familair with the Huffington Post operation, including their fantastic habit of not hiring writers, and calling whatever crap their self-important non-paid writers puke on a page "blogging", I am simply astounded about the fact that they were caught stealing content from other lesser known blogs and still no apologizing for it or stopping it. So that's what being a "progressive blog" means nowadays? Fine, but one question: On what, exactly, do they spend their venture cpaitilist provided funding and their and webad revenues on? Arianna's hair can't cost that much to do, can it?

For the unemployed amongst you

If there is ever a benefit for a blogger to no longer having a job, it's that it gives him/her more time to blog, and thsoe two bloggers did just that. For all of you who are unemployed, on your way to being unemployed, or are just suffering from serious job insecuirty, I give you the Unemploymentality blog. It should help get you through the day, provide you of an unemployment survival guide of sorts, and will remind you that there are benefits to being a jobless bum. Should provide you with entertainment and even hope, if you are HATING your (new) job enviroment (as much as I am at the moment. Hate those fuckers. HATE! And, IT department pricks, if you are reading this, fuck you, you website-blocking, adminstrator-authority-on-computer-taking, God-complex-having-assholes. Why the fuck should I have to change my log-on password once every month? How can I keep all those passwords stored? I have no functioning memory cells left you dicks. I HATE YOU!).

On Melancholy

Forsooth seems to be suffering it, big time, and it's been affecting her blog output:

…it's just that I have been wondering, for several months now, why on earth anyone would want to read this thing. I've been thinking about writing a lot (oh how navel-gazy) and have come to the conclusion that neither now or ever will I have anything worth saying, any actual knowledge or information, or even a stylish way of saying nothing (also a good and marketable skill). I’m not fishing for compliments here…I really feel as though I struggle for words, flounder even to express things that are clear in my head. Therefore, I ought not to be blogging.
The initial idea behind this blog, however, was never to inform: it was that the content should be humorous. Whether or not I succeeded, I rarely find anything these days to be so funny that it needs to be reproduced for complete strangers. I don’t do much, even less than I used to, and really, does anyone need to hear about the doings of a bunch of 20-somethings in Cairo? So snoozy. Nothing unique about it. I mean, I was thinking about blogging about how bummed out I am that my friends are all leaving Egypt and making some ill-informed odiously pretentious reflection on how inevitable it is, how typical and traditional, the economy, identity issues and all that shit but how impossibly maudlin, right?

I know what she means by that!

Obama Cartoons in arabic newspapers

Ta3beer has a collection of Obama cartoons from arabic newspapers. Some of them are negative:


Some are appallingly racist 


and some are positive and self-critical at the same time:


American Obama

–His father is an African migrant who abandoned him in his childhood.
–A minority lawyer who is active in human rights within the Democratic Party
–Was elected president of the United States of America!
Arab Obama
–No family whatsoever, vagabond
–A slave with a dark complexion and a foreign agenda
–He can't even dream of getting an Arab citizenship 

Check them all out here. 

The Christian Nymphos blog

Well, now the blogsphere officially has everything!

Marxism 2008

You know, I wasn't looking for trouble, just minding my own business, until I stumbled upon this video, of our very own Hossam el Hamalwy giving the opening speech at the Marxism 2008 conference in London. Hossam, with a palestinian Kuffiah around his neck of course, gave a rousing 10 minutes speech about the different strikes that egypt has been going through for the past 2 years, and painting a picture of how they are interconnected and somehow will lead to the fantastical workers revolution that will take egypt by storm. Yeah..ok..anyway, I have to say that my favorite part of the speech is at its end, when Hossam reminisced on how 10 years ago he came to the Marxism conference as a disaffected arab nationalist, and ended up joining the revolutionary socialists, and how back then there was no hope, but thanks to the books written by british revolutionary socialists he was given hope, and how they smuggled those books into egypt, spent hours translating them and teaching them to youngsters, and now look at Egypt, ripe with revolution- thanks to those teaching by brits, who thought us how to plan and think- and now sports 2 generations of revolutionary socialists. And then the coup de grâce, when he tells them that because this conference and those books gave him and his comrades hope when they needed it most, eventually he and his comrades will return the favor with the anticipated great socialist revolution in Egypt, once it happens of course. Me, personally, I find something rather unsettling about the concept that somehow those strikes- none of which were ever ideological  by the way and whose participants would think that the revolutionary socialists are a bunch of amoral godless nutjobs if they found out what they really believed in- were somehow caused by the invaluable teachings of a couple of guys in London, or that if such a revolution would take place it would be thanks to the ideas and foundations they gave us hopeless poor uneducated uninformed egyptians and would owe it all to them. Something almost…dare one even say… colonialist about this whole thing. But what do I know? You watch it, and tell me if I am imagining shit!

BlogIraq is dead

A light turns out in Baghdad! God be with his family and friends!

The one sentence story

An entire blog dedicated to it! I should add one!

The Kabobfest inner conflict

In what could be Kabobfest a hoax (and god knows they are not above it), an ex-Kabobfester started an anti-Kabobfest website, even creating an Urban Dictionary entry on the definition of Kabobfest:

amalgamation of pseudo-bohemian, kuffiyeh wearing, proto-typical
non-conformists who identify as being either Arab or Muslim-friendly
within a post-9-11 context and sit around all day competing for that
one moment of self aggrandizing glory in which they seemingly hog the
intellectual spotlight within pointless, shallow conversations related
to Middle East affairs just to temporarily fulfill an insatiable thirst
for appearing knowledgeable. These types of people are often found in
Cafés checking their Facebook profiles on laptop computers and blogging
about nothing terribly important.

Look at those dirty activists wearing $95 designer Che Guevara t-shirts, they're such a KABOBfest!

Sounds true to me! 

Leilouta is back and funny as ever

Goddamn it woman, I've missed you!

Wikipedia is right!

I am with Roba on this one!

Your Prayers needed

For a very dear friend of mine, who just relapsed into Heroin addiction. She was off of it for more than a year and a half, and just recently relapsed very badly. She will need all the emotional support she can get, so please, give her the best you could.

The Streets of Cairo

If you want to know what it's like to be on them, check this out!

Youtube suspends Wael Abbas’ account

Youtube has suspended the account of Wael Abbas – which contained the the egyptian police brutality and torture videos- because there were apparently too many complaints and flags from users- who are not members of the egyptian government or state security, of course- who have deemed the videos inappropriate and offensive. Youtube immediately took action, and suspended the account, claiming that it violated its terms of use. Now, while this may be true in the technical sense, it may benefit them to make exceptions for such videos that do expose certain tyrannical regimes and won;t be shown by mainstream international media, you know, as part of that whole "alternative independent media" thing they have been talking about for some time now. Or they could take on Issander's compromise. Also read Brian Whitaker's take on it!

On New Muslims

Lou Lou had an interesting experience:

…but why do some new Muslims feel the need to denigrate their former
religion & culture & sometimes their own family &
upbringing? Why do they change their names to Arabic names? Don't they
realize that the majority of Muslims in the world are not Arab and do
not carry Arabic names? Who says names have to have religious
significance, anyway? A name is something you have no hand in,
something you're born with – like the color of your eyes. But it IS a
legacy of your parents & their love for you. And of your heritage.
I mean, my name has no religious connotations and I wouldn't give it up
for anything because to change it would be to hurt & betray the
people who brought me into the world.

Who has been telling these
people that being Muslim is synonymous with being a wannabe Arab &
spewing forth all sorts of anti-Western, anti-Hindu, anti-Jewish,
anti-whatever they used to be diatribes that any thinking person knows
are nothing more than prejudiced, xenophobic well, tripe?

Is it
just new Muslims? Or is it all new converts or born-again types? Maybe
it's just the excitement of discovering a new religion/culture that
causes you to think what you found is the greatest & so everything
else looks bad in comparison? Do converts eventually 'settle down'
& become more tolerant of their own past? Or is it an attempt to
prove their 'authenticity' to their new community that prompts them to
be 'more royalist than the King' sometimes?

I don't know. But
this phenomenon disturbs me. You see, Arabs are prejudiced enough
without new converts from other cultures feeding our cultural ego.
There was a time when I saw a role for new Muslims in opening up our
community & mentality. Perhaps, I thought, having brothers &
sisters join the Umma from other cultures would lead to more dialogue
& harmony & less of the siege mentality. I wanted new Muslims
to help give the Muslims masses a voice of reason they can easily
identify with.

So it really bugs me when a new Western Muslim
essentially sits around telling Arab Muslims Western society really is
as decadent & amoral & devoid of all good as our own media
likes to tell us it is and talking about the 'hypocracy' of Western
democracy. For the purpose of this discussion, I don't care about the
flaws of Western democracy. Of course it's not perfect. But it IS light
years ahead of us in terms of democracy & civil rights &
Western democracies are thus the best available role models around. To
tell us otherwise is to insult our intelligence and frankly, to
patronize us. It's like saying "Oh you know Whitehall isn't all it's
cracked up to be. You guys just stick with the likes of Saddam &
Mubarak & Gadafi."

This is not surprising, especially if you consider the people who do the converting themselves and the kind of stuff they tell them. I disagree with LouLou though, those who do join up and are anti-western were already anti-western to begin with. They just now have a good excuse for their feelings of alienation and hatred. Religion, in the cases of new converts, is neutral. You make of it what you wish, and Islam is no different. You want to go the route of Jihad, well, there is stuff for that. You want to go the route of Sufism, well, there is stuff supporting that as well. You choose if you hate or not, if you look down on western culture or not, and if you like Saudi or not. Plus, are we forgetting the idea that some people are just freakin weird? Maybe the idea of cutting off someone's hand for stealing appeals to them. Maybe Democracy is too much of a hassle. Maybe they don't like the baggage that comes from freedom of choice or manifest destiny. Some people love to be slaves in their sex lives, you don't think there are those who long to slaves for any ideology that will take them in real life? There are women who truly believe in Hijab people. Who view themselves as an evil lust-generating thing that must be covered, and they might've been born and raised in Amsterdam. Imagine the peace those women would find in Saudi.

Nahh, counting on new Muslims to change the outlook of Muslims is like expecting the new kids who just joined your clique in Highschool to change the social structure of the school and maybe hang out with the dweebs. Chances of it happening and succeeding ranges between 0 and 1%. So, yeah, no dice there. They will come in, and adopt the view of what they perceive to be the majority of Muslims (Thank you Media), which is jew-hating, western-despising misogynistic hateful diatribes and conspiracy theories. Until that changes, count the new Muslims in the "Problem" column, instead of the "solution".

About that DC conference

will write about it eventually, but for now, what he said!