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An Unpaid advertisment: The Atlas Foundation Ibn Khaldoun Contest


The Atlas Economic Research Foundation
announces the second annual essay contest about freedom in the Islamic
Societies.  This year’s theme addresses the relationship between
free-market economic policies and freedom in the Islamic societies.  

The contest is named after Ibn-Khaldoun
to honor the scholarly work of this prominent Islamic historian, economist,
and sociologist of the 14th century.  His writings continue
to inspire free-market scholars to this day, promoting the necessity
of responsible government to promote economic prosperity and civilized

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation
was founded in 1981 by the late Sir Antony Fisher.  Headquartered in
Arlington, Virginia (USA), it is a non-profit organization that advances
freedom around the world by helping develop and strengthen a network
of market-oriented think tanks.

About the Contest:

The 2007 Ibn-Khaldoun invites young
people to write essays that reflect their views about the relationship
between economics and freedom within the Islamic context.  Students
are invited to write about historical or modern-day economic policy
or policies in enhancing or diminishing freedom and prosperity in their
country or region.  They may propose policy recommendations, emphasizing
the principles of property rights, free trade, globalization, etc. within
the context of Islamic economic thinking.

We encourage you to be critical and
support your arguments with evidence or analysis.  Your conclusions
should lead to practical policy prescriptions.   


  • 1st Prize Winner: $2,000
  • 2nd Prize Winner: $1,000
  • 3rd Prize Winner:  $ 500
  • Two Honorable Mentions:
    $ 250 (each)

The winning essays will be posted on
our website and on Azad – Atlas’s newsletter
about freedom in the Middle East.

Winners will be given priority to attend
our regional leadership workshops in different parts of the Middle East,
potentially in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Morocco.

Submission Guidelines: 

Entries should be no fewer than 800
words and no more than 1,400 words, typewritten, double-spaced, and
footnoted.  Submissions may be written in either English or Arabic.  

Who may join: 

The contest is open to university graduates,
or students: undergraduate and graduate levels, who are or below 30 years
of age.  Each contestant is required also to send a brief curriculum
vitae, summarizing his or her academic and, if it applies, work history.

All qualified individuals will be considered
for the contest, regardless of race, sex, national or ethnic origin,
citizenship, or religious affiliation.


All submissions must be received on
or before November 15th, 2007.

Submission to:


I've known for a while now, and been dying to post about it (she claims I am more excited for her than her) but couldn't until she announced it herself. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, the mighty Robanator is taken and off the Market, which means that right now many of her male fans who fell in love with her prose and art are getting their hearts broken. But Oh well, it was bound to happen one day. Hot brilliant people don't stay available for long.

So Congratulations ya Roba and the best of luck in the world. Farqa3y zaghrooutah ya BETT! And I still think you should name your first five kids after me. Will settle for the first 3.

Make sure you congratulate her here! 

Goodbye VHS

Roba's ode to that old dying technology! Moneyshot:

Perhaps most dramatically for myself though, I realize that one day
I will be talking about those heavy, boxy things that you had to
manually rewind in the same tone that my parents talk about old vinyl

“They were so big!” Mama would say. “And then, you would put the
needle on a specific location and it will actually start playing!”
we would ask her amused. “A needle? You couldn’t just press rewind and
wait for only 10 minutes for it to rewind by itself?”

None of those "Be kind, Rewind." stickers at Blockbusters! Ahh…  

Paulo Coelho sucks…

I always said he sucked. I would even offer to summarize his book, the alchemist, in 4 sentences. 1) A boy is chilling in the desert with nothing to do, so he decides to go look for the treasure in Egypt, 2) Upon arriving there, he meets the wise man and asks him about the treasure, 3) The wise man tells him that the treasure is real, and it's inside of him, 4) so the boy realizes what the old man says to be true, and that the treasure is really inside him! The end!

I have to admit I didn't hear about this guy until my cousin mentioned him to me, which aroused my suspcions greatly since the girl doesn't read and wouldn't know a good book if I hit her on the head with it! But then I found out that all of AUC was reading it, which confirmed its status to me as a pile of crap, but decided to read it anyway. The first day I slept after reaching page 5. I couldn't take it. It was so blehh! The man can't write, and the people who like him must not be big readers. He is the Britney Spears of modern fiction writers, for the lack of a better description!

Anyway, I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Roobs, this is why me and you are friends woman! 

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