George Galloway gets stoned in Egypt!

And no, not the good kind of stoned. The Jesus kind of stoned. But to further proof that there is no fair and just God, Galloway  himself wasn't hit with one stone. His people were, though..

A convoy led by the maverick MP George Galloway carrying supplies for Gaza has
been attacked in Egypt, apparently injuring several people travelling in his

The convoy, carrying aid worth £1 million, was pelted with stones and
vandalised with anti-Hamas slogans after it stopped overnight in El-Arish, a
small town around 28 miles from the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.


During a power cut – which is a frequent occurrence in the town – children had
pelted the convoy with stones, a security official said.

"It's an absolute disgrace,'' convoy organiser Yvonne Ridley told the AFP
news agency. "The power was cut. Under cover of darkness members of our
convoy were attacked with stones.

Hey man..they were just expressing their freedom of speech…like that shoe thrower guy..Chill out. 

On the beauty requirement of candidates wives

I want you to think about this: There is a theory that states that the wife of any successfull political candidate has to be uglier than him or at the very least in the same realm of attractiveness, because if she is prettier than him, then for some reason women won;t vote for him. This is why John McCain will lose, because his wife is too pretty for him (and a heiress, of a beer empire, that motherfucker lucked out), while Obama will win, because he is a good looking dude and Michelle, well, she looks pretty busted. She looks-as one of my friends so eloquently put it- as if her face was hit by a bus. Women who look like that are the reason why we have dentists.

If you doubt that, think of the last 10 presidential elections, the candidates and their wives, and see who won. And since many of you will bring up Jackie O, please remember that her Husband was John Fuckin Kennedy, and he was scoring major Hollywood trim that was far prettier than her. So yeah, one could argue that he is at the very least equally attractive to her. So the theory holds. Come on, try it. Test it out. I dare you!

How Government should be like…

For the brits, this is probably Business as usual, but for me, this is just beautiful!

It’s not that young egyptians are apathethic…

…we are just plain ole politically ignorant!

How they do it, though, I have noooo idea! 

Eddie Izzard..a politician??

It's like a dream! While we are at it, Jon Stewart for Senate. Who is with me?

The Egyptian Opposition’s sense of Irony

Any serious follower of egyptian politics must've laughed his/her ass off when they heard the news of the 6th of April strike, and not just because of the laundry list of ridiculous shit that this strike is supposed to be about. No, they would laugh for a far simpler reason than that: You see, tired of just staying home and doing nothing, the egyptian opposition has decided to take actions and demand that the people rise up by staying at home and doing nothing for a day.

A Genius way of eradicating political apathy and getting the people involved, no?


Isn’t Kosovo Islamic?

Then how come none of the arab or islamic countries have recognized its independence yet?

Just wondering!

Not Welcome

As a sign of the messed up times we live in, the egyptian leftist activist scene is arranging a protest against Bush's visit to Egypt on Monday:

وقفة إحتجاجية بنقابة الصحفيين

تدعو لجنة الحريات بنقابة الصحفيين كل القوى الوطنية و الناشطين لوقفة إحتجاجية
يوم الإثنين 14 يناير 2008 الساعة الخامسة مساءا بنقابة الصحفيين
من الأجل الإحتجاج على زيارة الرئيس الأمريكي جورج بوش لمصر و الإحتجاج على السياسة الأمريكية و الإحتلال الأمريكي للعراق

The committee of freedom at the Syndicate of Journalism call all Egyptians and activists for a protest
Monday 14 January 2008 at 5 PM at the Syndicate of Journalism
to protest against the visit of the American president Bush and to the American occupation of Iraq

Not to be outdone, the Muslim Brotherhood issued their own statement condemning the visit:  

S President George W. Bush, due to visit
Egypt on Wednesday as part of his Middle East tour, was branded a
murderer not welcome in the country by the main opposition party on

say to Bush Junior—whose hands are not just bloodstained but soaked in
our blood—that neither you or your American administration assistants
are welcome in our land or under our skies,’ the Muslim Brotherhood

statement, entitled ‘No welcome for the murderers’, quoted the
movement’s supreme guide, Mohammed Mehdi Akef, and said that
destruction and devastation followed Bush.

said Bush was unwelcome because he incited Ethiopia to occupy Somalia,
supported Israel, stirred up disagreement among the different political
factions in Lebanon and was responsible for the destruction of
Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq.

He also was after me lucky charms. Damn this Bush. 

I for one will miss him when he is gone. Hate him or love him, the man shook up the region with his push for democracy in arab countries, especially Egypt. The fact that the people making the so called "opposition" hate the US too much to ever give him credit, let alone capitalize on the pressure he provided, well, that just tells you why they are politically insignificant.

Oh well…

Pakistan Views

There are those who are against Musharraf ..

Those who are for standing by him

and there are those who excel in political opportunism of the highest order…

This is getting fun! 

Blair attacks Brown

Turn-around is fairplay, and pudgy boy Brown had it coming for a while now!

What being Libertarian is all about

For an easy to understand presentation on the Philosophy of Liberty, please go here!

Putin ain’t going nowhere

Some people, including me, were worried that Putin might change the Russian constitution in order to be able to run for a third term, and possibly more, as Russia's President, which of course leads to the creation of a totalitarian regime in Russia instead of its fragile democracy. But we may all have misjudged the man. Russia's strong man is hinting that he might change the constitution, not to extend the presidential term limits, but so that the powers of the state reside with the office of the Prime Minister instead of the President. He then he intends to run for the office of Prime Minister after that, which, ehh, has no term limits.

And people call him a wannabe dictator. Pfftttttttt! 

Oh Canada

PC-ness is soo gonna be the end of you:

Muslim women who are completely veiled
will still be allowed to vote in Canada, despite a new law
tightening up requirements for voter identification, a federal
elections official said on Thursday.


Veiled Muslims showing such photo identification will have
other options, Elections Canada spokesman John Enright said.

"Either you unveil, produce a second piece of
identification (from a list of identification approved by
Elections Canada) or get someone to vouch for you," he said.

Get someone to vouch for you, that you are the person in the ID, while Voting with your face covered? Ehh.. What? Am I the only seeing the voter fraud capabilities here?

How about you just hire a woman that the veiled lady can unveil in front of and can confirm her identity, or is that too much to ask? God knows we do that here, and we are an islamic country and all.


Erdogan’s game

A lot of people rejoiced when Edrogan said that he won't run for president, and instead will have one of his men run for it instead, but I wasn't. What He is doing is basically cornering the country in a very well played game: He stays as PM, the President is one of his men, and whatever changes or reforms he wants to do to Turkey will get rubber stamped by the new president, as opposed to the old one who vetoed more than 200 ammendments to the constitution and new laws proposed by Edrogan's party. It seems that this new direction will force the turkish army to confront Edrogan and his men and start another military coup with a very secular transitional government for the next 5 years. But ecen that is unclear, because the military would be gambeling against the people's wishes and it would shake Turkey's world image as a Democracy. The whole thing is entirely messy, and it won't be over anytime soon!



The egyptian opposition, unable to do anything or stop the constitutional ammendments, are going to do what they always did: boycott the vote! Oh and they will protest it too!


Rumors are, if that doesn't work, they will start a group prayer and demand that Allah show those people justice on Judgement day! There is even talk about using some Djinn to curse them and their families and keep their daughters unmarried and turn their sons gay!

Cause, you know, that will show the NDP. Oh yes, oh yes it will! 

A Middle-east democracy success story

It's hard not to get excited over what's going on in Muritania. I mean, a country that was ruled by a despot for 21 years gets a military coup, that gets done by a group of military officers who chose not to rule the people but hold fair and democratic elections, where not a single one of them or anyone backed by them gets to run, and where they will resign from power and the military after the new government is in place, and this is the middle-east? And they did this totally by themselves, without foreign intervention or pressure? How could you not love that?

Power in Mauritania has never changed hands at the ballot box,
although past votes have been held by dictators amid opposition cries
of fraud. The last president, Maaoya Sid'Ahmed Ould Taya, took power in
a 1984 coup and held it until a popular military junta led by Col. Ely
Ould Mohamed Vall toppled him in August 2005.

Vall has been praised for ending the nation's history of
totalitarian rule, making good on promises to ensure a free press and
establish an independent judiciary. In June, he oversaw a successful
referendum that enshrined basic constitutional liberties and limited
future presidents to two five-year terms. Municipal and legislative
elections took place in November.

"We have big hopes for democracy," said Ahmed Ould Daddah, a leading
candidate in Sunday's race and a longtime opposition figure who ran
twice against Taya in past ballots and spent four years under house
arrest. "People are afraid of a return to the old ways. They are
paranoid about this."

And they won't. Once given a choice, no one would take tyranny over democracy! 

Let's hope the entire middle-east follows suit one day! 

The Canadians wake up

What? They were taking a long nap.

But now they are paying attention, and they are not happy with Egypt at all!

Darling you’ve got to let me know

Should I stay or should I go!

Putin is a Judo Blackbelt

Watch him in action!