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Putin ain't going nowhere

Some people, including me, were worried that Putin might change the Russian constitution in order to be able to run for a third term, and possibly more, as Russia's President, which of course leads to the creation of a totalitarian regime in Russia instead of its fragile democracy. But we may all have misjudged the man. Russia's strong man is hinting that he might change the constitution, not to extend the presidential term limits, but so that the powers of the state reside with the office of the Prime Minister instead of the President. He then he intends to run for the office of Prime Minister after that, which, ehh, has no term limits.

And people call him a wannabe dictator. Pfftttttttt! 

Oh Canada

PC-ness is soo gonna be the end of you:

Muslim women who are completely veiled
will still be allowed to vote in Canada, despite a new law
tightening up requirements for voter identification, a federal
elections official said on Thursday.


Veiled Muslims showing such photo identification will have
other options, Elections Canada spokesman John Enright said.

"Either you unveil, produce a second piece of
identification (from a list of identification approved by
Elections Canada) or get someone to vouch for you," he said.

Get someone to vouch for you, that you are the person in the ID, while Voting with your face covered? Ehh.. What? Am I the only seeing the voter fraud capabilities here?

How about you just hire a woman that the veiled lady can unveil in front of and can confirm her identity, or is that too much to ask? God knows we do that here, and we are an islamic country and all.


Erdogan's game

A lot of people rejoiced when Edrogan said that he won't run for president, and instead will have one of his men run for it instead, but I wasn't. What He is doing is basically cornering the country in a very well played game: He stays as PM, the President is one of his men, and whatever changes or reforms he wants to do to Turkey will get rubber stamped by the new president, as opposed to the old one who vetoed more than 200 ammendments to the constitution and new laws proposed by Edrogan's party. It seems that this new direction will force the turkish army to confront Edrogan and his men and start another military coup with a very secular transitional government for the next 5 years. But ecen that is unclear, because the military would be gambeling against the people's wishes and it would shake Turkey's world image as a Democracy. The whole thing is entirely messy, and it won't be over anytime soon!



The egyptian opposition, unable to do anything or stop the constitutional ammendments, are going to do what they always did: boycott the vote! Oh and they will protest it too!


Rumors are, if that doesn't work, they will start a group prayer and demand that Allah show those people justice on Judgement day! There is even talk about using some Djinn to curse them and their families and keep their daughters unmarried and turn their sons gay!

Cause, you know, that will show the NDP. Oh yes, oh yes it will! 

A Middle-east democracy success story

It's hard not to get excited over what's going on in Muritania. I mean, a country that was ruled by a despot for 21 years gets a military coup, that gets done by a group of military officers who chose not to rule the people but hold fair and democratic elections, where not a single one of them or anyone backed by them gets to run, and where they will resign from power and the military after the new government is in place, and this is the middle-east? And they did this totally by themselves, without foreign intervention or pressure? How could you not love that?

Power in Mauritania has never changed hands at the ballot box,
although past votes have been held by dictators amid opposition cries
of fraud. The last president, Maaoya Sid'Ahmed Ould Taya, took power in
a 1984 coup and held it until a popular military junta led by Col. Ely
Ould Mohamed Vall toppled him in August 2005.

Vall has been praised for ending the nation's history of
totalitarian rule, making good on promises to ensure a free press and
establish an independent judiciary. In June, he oversaw a successful
referendum that enshrined basic constitutional liberties and limited
future presidents to two five-year terms. Municipal and legislative
elections took place in November.

"We have big hopes for democracy," said Ahmed Ould Daddah, a leading
candidate in Sunday's race and a longtime opposition figure who ran
twice against Taya in past ballots and spent four years under house
arrest. "People are afraid of a return to the old ways. They are
paranoid about this."

And they won't. Once given a choice, no one would take tyranny over democracy! 

Let's hope the entire middle-east follows suit one day! 

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