Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice in an arab Pop Video

This is soo stupid you just gotta see it! The person who sent it to me wrote: " See what Pan-arabism has come to!"

Search with K-Fed

Just when I think the web couldn't get any dumber, something like this comes along and I find myself stand corrected!

Ping Pong

Reports of an Israeli massacare of egyptian POW in 1967 war thanks to an israeli documentary raises the ire of the egyptian government and media , and naturally the egyptian people as well, since, you know, Israel is involved. ("Constitutional ammendments? What constitutional ammendments? The Israelis killed our boys almost 40 years ago!") They all called for the peace treaty to be scrapped or nullified, one nasserite newspaper "Al Karamah" actually went as far as demanding the killing of the israeli ambassador in retribution. Mubarak, for his part, demanded punishment for those who committed those atrocities. Go Mubarak, defender of egyptians!

The Israelis, for their part, are confused, since the documentary doesn't show the killing of any egyptian POW's in it at all. Some started wondering whether the whole thing is a made up crisis!

And now, another Israeli TV documentary- in response to the first documentary- claims that the egyptians killed dozens, if not hundreds, unarmed Israeli POW's in the 1973 war.

I can't wait for the Israelis to start demanding the head of our ambassador on a stick and the scraping of the peace treaty with Egypt. Can you?

Fuckin Hell.. 

Jack Bauer controls the american population

He influences the public, makes army personall torture detainees, makes republicans wistfully wonder about when they will have a real Jack Bauer, and all kinds of other crap! There is a whole article on it, try to follow the logic: all I got was "24 is fucking everything up in america"!


I will give it one thing: The show does make torture seem a bit normal and part of the day's (more like hour's) work. Whether or not some people can not differntiate between fact and fiction like 24, that is not the show's responsibility. Retarded people will always exist, and blaming their existance and behavior on the show they are imitating is clear and utter bullshit, otherwise we will have to cancel every drama there is on TV that may have some controversial elements in it that stupid people might imitate!

Or am I being a tad simplistic here? 

Pot, Kettle, Black

Egypt is accusing Canada, Canada, of being intolerant and racist against muslims.

Please try not to laugh too hard! 

Did Nawal el Seadawy escape Egypt?

There are rumors floating around that Nawal el Seadawy, the prominent egyptian femenist, had escaped Egypt to Belgium and then the US after she was charged with dsidain for religions. She denies it, from Belgium, and says that she is just being a visiting professor in the US for the next 6 months or so. She did, however, mention that she was feeling disgusted due to the charges levelled against her and the silence of the egyptian intellegnsia towards them. It's all very weird. Let's just say that since there is a case pending against her, if she didn't escapeEgypt, then she left at a very opprutune timing!

Buy Britney’s cut Hair

If you're a retard with a million dollars to spare.

(Wow, that rhymed! Watch out world, I am the next Bubba Sparxx! Should I continue? " you would also get a Bic lighter so blue, and a can of red bull too. wohhoooooo. Middle-East side. Cairo, WHAT????")

Biking militants explode

Now this is the kind of story that puts a smile on my face in the morning!

The Re-Hymenization Fatwa

The Egyptian Mufti- yes, that guy – just issued a fantastic new Fatwa: He said that it is Halal (permissible in Islam) for any female who lost her hymen for any reason to do the operation to have their hymen re-instated. His reasoning? Well, that the Islamic religion calls for Shielding yourself from Scandal (El Satr), and if a re-hymenization operation will do that, then Islam allows it. However, and I am quoting him here, "If a girl does this, she should not tell her Fiance of her operation, and the same applies to the married woman committing adultery, for she shouldn't tell her husbend that commited such an act." He states that this is not wrong or deceptive in anyway, since it aims at "maintaining family unity"- yes he used that excuse again- and "helping fornicating girls to have a second chance in life and be able to get married". That, apparently, makes it OK!

I love this stupid stupid man. He makes me laugh! 

Diane Sawyer is a moron

I know, I know. It's old news, but seriously, have you seen her Syria interview? Check that shit out here!

Wife-beating helps keep the family together

In some cases, and only in wife-beating cultures, as says Egypt's Mufti! (h/t Memz )

I love this guy. He and Mahdi Akef can provide me with houres of amusement! 

Hamas, Fatah swap hostages

When one reads such pieces of news, and thinks of the state of the "palestinian cause", one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Islam = BNP

This dude just made everybody you don't wanna piss off in Britian angry at him. Dumbass!

Dear people of Maadi

Stop being retarded! 

There is no Maadi serial killer. There hasn't been one confirmed victim killed anywhere in Maadi. The people who work in the press who I spoke to confirm this as well. This is nothing but a hoax played on you by the egyptian authorities, to give you something to think and talk about. And yes, apparently y'all are so stupid you fell for it, and some of you are going the extra distance of adding imaginary victims on randon streets that you have heard about from that friend of yours who lives/ has a cousin/friend who lives on that street. Stop freaking out your daughters, will you? Get a freakin grip!

Sunni-Shia strife…in detroit???

Over Saddam's execution of all things.

As they repaired the broken windows of at least a dozen businesses and
mosques along Warren Avenue in Detroit, many Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims
wondered Monday if the vandalism was retaliation by local supporters of
Saddam Hussein who resented that they celebrated the hanging of the
Iraqi dictator.

Sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, someone
vandalized at least nine businesses and three mosques, all but one
Shi'ite, according to Ali Zwen, manager of the Kufa Cultural Forum, a
mosque at Warren and Archdale that sustained $4,000 in damage.


Many of the spared businesses are owned by Iraqi-American Christians,
Lebanese Americans and others with Middle Eastern roots. The evidence
is largely circumstantial that Shi'ites were targeted, but some of the
victims say it is too coincidental.


Ahmed said, "Most of the stores that were vandalized … they're happy
for the execution of Saddam, so they're thinking it's somebody who was
pro-Saddam," she said. "They picked which stores that are known for
being anti-Saddam."


If the motivation for vandalism proves to be what she suspects, it
could mark a turning point in metro Detroit's Middle Eastern community.

"This is bad because this would be a situation where people are
bringing the tensions of the Middle East into metro Detroit," said
Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan office of the Council
on American-Islamic Relations.

LOL, cause , u know, that's what detroit is missing: Sunnis and Shias targeting each other.