What Twitter is really all about!

No one has put it more elegantly and elequontly:

Twitter seems to be, first and
foremost, an online haven where teenagers making drugs can telegraph
secret code words to arrange gang fights and orgies. It also functions
as a vehicle for teasing peers until they commit suicide. In order to
become a "follower" on Twitter, teens first must flash their high-beam
headlights at an oncoming motorist on the highway. Then, if that
motorist flashes his or her high-beam headlights back in reply, the
teen must kill the motorist in order to be initiated into "following"
the online gang. The catch is that one can only use 140 sentences to
plan a total of 140 events—that is, any combination of orgies, gang
fights, suicides, and highway killings totaling 140 planned situations
or activities.

Makeup artists
working in television and film also like to use Twitter to keep in
touch with each other and with current productions.

Now you know!

Hailing the Egyptian Boy

I've stumbled upon the works of egyptian-american Tony Menias, also known as the "Egyptian G" and I have to say that I am in love. His videos are awesome. Please check this video right here, on the egyptian english accent, and please please please check out the remake of Kanye's West's "American boy", which he called "Egyptian Boy" . You don't want to miss it, especially if you are egyptian. It's 7 degrees of awesome!

ADHD as an evolutionary asset

I knew it wasn't a disorder. I have no disorders, just evolutionary assets not suitable for a city-life environment. Fuck you, Psychiatry! Oh and suburban mom and dad pumping your kids with Ritalin to get them out of your hair, FUCK YOU TOO.

The Egyptian NYC-Cab-driving Cupid

Give it up to Cabbie Love!

You know you saw this coming

Have a lovely day! 



26th of July st. , Egypt



Edgware Road, UK

I've been unable to do anything yesterday because I was recovering from celebrating too hard the night before. You know why? Because Egypt won, Bitches! We showed the Cameron guys who's their Daddy. And screw Abu Treika: Zidan is the Man. And yes, those pictures show egyptian fans taking over Edgware Road in London (and yes, those guys are on the roof of a store, ur point being?). We did that all over the place. The Fans were nuts. And get this: guys from Rod El Farag (very poor part of Cairo) were spraying people with Beer. Yes, Beer. We are this close to spraying champagne people. There is still hope here!


Speechlessly impressed

Watch as those 3 graphic designers recreate D-Day using nothing for Budget. I am speechless. I am also officially unimpressed with every Graphic designer I know now. Bunch of Know-Nothing hacks.

Spot on

At First, it was a snarky paragraph in an anti-Obama piece

 But, rhythmically, it's quite alluring. It can make anything, even, for
example, a simple chair, seem magnificent. Why vote for someone who
says: 'See that chair. You can sit on it' when you can have someone
like Obama say: 'This chair can take your weight. This chair can hold
your buttocks, 15 inches in the air. This chair, this wooden chair, can
support the ass of the white man or the crack of the black man, take
the downward pressure of a Jewish girl's behind or the butt of a
Buddhist adolescent, it can provide comfort for Muslim buns or Mormon
backsides, the withered rump of an unemployed man in Nevada struggling
to get his kids through high school and needful of a place to sit and
think, the plump can of a single mum in Florida desperately struggling
to make ends meet but who can no longer face standing, this chair, made
from wood felled from the tallest redwood in Chicago, this chair, if
only we believed in it, could sustain America's huddled arse.'

But someone took it and ran with it in the comments section..

Biden: I have worked with chairs all over the world, and most members of Congress agree with my plan for how to make chairs
Bloomberg: I've put together a committee to survey voters on whether they want me to make their chairs
Clinton: I have the most experience in making chairs
Edwards: I will fight the chairmakers!
Giuliani: I can best protect you from the danger of chairs, just as I did in NYC
Huckabee: Chairs did not evolve, but were created
Kucinich: We should have a one-payer system for chairs
McCain: My friends, I believe we can sit together in our chairs and work out bipartisan solutions without torture
Obama: Together we can create chairs in a new way
Paul: Why is the government involved in making chairs?
Romney: Venture capitalism has made American chairs the greatest in the world
Tancredo: We must build a fence to keep out foreign illegal chairs
Thompson: I like a comfortable, yet presidential looking chair


Mental Sanity break

Planet Earth, we hardly knew how beautiful you are!

Our dumb world

Ignore Google Earth, the Onion is where it's at! Egypt and Canada are favorites!

The fighting Kurd

1 Kurd, 3 turks, street fight. BADASS!

Hate for Free

Want to hate on your facebook friends but can't? No worries: Hatebook – the anti-social utility that connects you to people you hate- was designed for you! Go froth and spread lies and hate boys and girls. It sure as hell beats getting poked!

A lovesong for Ahmedinjad

Courtesy of Aandy Sandberg and Adam Levine, a lovesong for our favorite holocaust denying homosexual killer who wants nukes!

Hitchens vs. Tariq Ramadan

He dissects the godfather of "Islamophobia":

Thus, he tells Egyptian television that the destruction of the
Israeli state is for the moment "impossible" and in Mantua described
the idea of stoning adulterous women as "unimplementable." This is
something less than a full condemnation, but he is quick to say that
simple condemnation of such things would reduce his own "credibility"
in the eyes of a Muslim audience that, or so he claims, he wants to
modernize by stealth.

His day-to-day politics have the same surreptitious air to them. The donations he made to Hamas (donations that led to difficulties receiving a visa
to teach at the University of Notre Dame, a position he eventually
resigned) were small gifts directed to Hamas' "humanitarian" and
"relief" wing. He did not actually say that there was no proof of Osama
Bin Laden's involvement in the atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001; he only
warned against a rush to judgment. He often criticizes the existing
sharia regimes, such as that of Saudi Arabia, especially for their
corruption, but such criticism is as often the symptom of a more
decided Islamist alignment as it is a counterindication of it.

In Mantua, he was trying to deal with the question of dual loyalty, as
between allegiance to Islam and allegiance to the democratic secular
European governments under which Muslim immigrants now choose to live.
He redirected the question to South Africa, where, he said, under the
apartheid system there was a moral duty not to obey the law. After
sitting through this and much else, I rose to ask him a few questions.
Wasn't it true that the Muslim leadership in South Africa had actually
endorsed the apartheid regime? Wasn't it evasive of him to discuss the
headscarf in France rather than the more pressing question of the veil
or niqab in Britain? Wasn't it true that imams in Denmark had
solicited the intervention of foreign embassies to call for censorship
of cartoons in Copenhagen? And was it not the case that he owed his
position as an informal cultural negotiator to the fact that his
grandfather, Hassan al-Banna, had been the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist organization of which his father had also been a leader in Egypt?

I want a debate between those two. I demand one. And it should be televised all over the world. The Hitch vs. the MB's Edward Saeed. Tell me that wouldn't rock!

Ok, so maybe I am a dork who gets excited over such things, but come on. It would be soo awesome!

Fine, fine, I will shut up! 

My Humps

No other song have I hated more in the past few years than My Humps by the Black Eyes Peas, which is why this video by Alanis Morisette is the best freakin thing I have seen in a very long time!

Who knew 5000 year old skeletons can be so cute??


The Story, here!