Syria protests Israel’s Golan…Wine?

Not occupation. Not siphoning of water..But wine. WINE! WINEE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I just love the Syrians. They are so hip and with it!

Rick Warren and Bashar AlAssad

Christopher Hitchens, there to remind you, that there are good reasons, other than his anti-Gay views, why Obama's choice for Inaguration's pastor is a bad one, such as his relationship with Bisho. The democrats probably won't see a problem with the trip he made or the meeting he had, since they are all about talking to the enemy, but it might eb embaressing that the some of the last foriegn visitors Bisho had, and not many do want to visit him, include George Galloway and David Duke. Good people. 

Whitewashing the Assads

The PR campaign to make Syria look better is in full swing, and its using Asmaa, Bisho's wife, as their postergirl. I love how they are talking about how she is planning to combat the poverty of the country while completely ignoring that this is due to the fact that the Assad family mafia and their allies monopolize almost every sector. But hey, who doesn't love a good redemption story?

Irony, defined

Watching Asala- the pro-Aassad syrian superstar- singing over the part of Rafiq Al Harriri's death in the 45 minute fuckfest song titled "The arabian conscience"!

Saad must be loving this! 

HA leader gets bombed in Syria..

So, not only do we have a Hezballah leader killed, but a car bomb in Syria as well? I would dance if I didn't think that something about this piece of news stinks like an anchovies' armpit!

The Israeli strike thing pt.2

People are still talking about this, and now they are saying Israeli commandos were involved. For real:

leak appeared via the Sunday Times, this time with enough granularity
to consider it a genuine leak. According to that report, the operation
was carried out by Israeli commandos supported by Israeli aircraft,
under the direct management of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. It
had been planned since June, just after Barak took office, and had been
approved by the United States after some hesitation. The target was in
fact nuclear "material" provided by North Korea, according to that leak.

All of this makes perfect sense, save one thing. Why the secrecy? If
the Syrians have nuclear facilities, the Israelis should be delighted
to make it public. Frankly, so should the United States, since the Bush
administration has always argued that nuclear proliferation to rogue
states, including Syria, is one of the key problems in the world. The
Syrians should be spinning the story like crazy as well, denying the
nuclear program but screaming about unprovoked Israeli-U.S. aggression.
The silence from one or two parties makes sense. The silence from all
parties makes little sense.

Still confusion. Still nobody knows anything. A Bunch of heads running around with their chickens cut off. I still think the whole thing is hyped and inconsequential!


That Israeli Strike thing

Ever since Israel had that air strike inside Syria and the world is acting as if the Israeli-Syrian war is just around the corner. Of course, the silence around the whole thing is opening the door wide open for speculation : Is it a dry run for an Iran attack? Is it true about North Korea's involvement and the nukes ? Why is everybody making this much noise this time? And why do I always fall for Hollywood Hype? What? Lion King? Wonderful Movie. Seen it twice. Buy the Soundtrack too? You Betcha!

Just to end this: The Syrians are giant pussies. They won't ever, ever, ever go to war with Israel by themselves. They can't afford to. This is why they never joined the fight with Hezbollah last war. Unlike Hezbollah, Syria has targets and an infrastructure that can be bombed, while with Hezbollah Israel ran out of roads and bridges and started bombing milk factories. So yeah, Hezbollah can go to war with Israel, but Syria can't, so they won't. Not to mention, the Assad's are not interested in creating conflict or manifest destiny or creating a legacy or anything. They are a mafia in charge of a turf, and the only thing they care about is controlling that turf and keeping the money flowing. This is why they are not that big into getting the golan back. No money in the Golan. More money in controlling Lebanon. So yeah, they don;t want anything to mess that up. So yeah, no war on their minds.

Not to mention, Israel doesn't want war with Syria either. Bashar is their puppy dog. He barks but rarely bites. The only countries he actually attacks are his arab neighbours and not the Israelis. Plus he keeps the Muslim Brotherhood under control, and any war that destabilizes his regime will bring about a sunni MB government to take over, and the last thing Israel wants on its border is a radical Sunni Islamic government. So they will never do anything that will bring about the end of Bashar. The Devil you know and all.

So yeah, nuttin to see here folks. Move along now! 

I love Seymour Hersh

From his latest al jazeerah interview:

1)       American
intelligence sources told him that Lebanese AND middle Eastern parties
opposed to Syria misled the Unites States and France with false
evidence (or manufactured evidence) designed to implicate Syria in the

2)       His
sources at the UN tell him there is no evidence against Syria yet. That
the Hariri killing was very carefully planned and executed, and that we
might never find out who ordered that assassination.

He is so full of shit, it's awesome!

Landis vs. Young

Issandr told me of their catfight yesterday, but I didn't know it was getting this big. Hell, even Abu Kais- a lebanese shia himself- has joined the fun!

Lovers’ spat

If this is to be believed, then Assad and A.J. are mad at each other. However, el seyaseyah isn't exactly the most trusted source, so..ehh..

But If Iran sold out syria to avoid a bigger Sunni-Shia conflict, they might be smarter than most people give them credit for. 

Diane Sawyer is a moron

I know, I know. It's old news, but seriously, have you seen her Syria interview? Check that shit out here!