Be back tomorrow

Been super busy this week, but it ends today.In the meantime, check me out on twitter. I am updating there!


My work has blocked this site. I have no way of blogging from there today. Just giving y'all a heads up!

We are experiencing some fuckin technical difficulties

Finally, internet. Ok, I better make this quick.

The internet has been shit for the past few days. It's been touch and go at work, with it working only for a minute, and then going down for 10, and at home only gmail and facebook seem to work. I think I speak for the entire affected population when I urge my government to pay whatever ransom those Mafioso italian bastards who keep cutting our internet cable want from you to just STOP doing that. Or, maybe, just maybe, you should consider burrying the cables? I know, silly, burrying underwater cables underground, but, please, fuckin just do it? Cause, how do I put this delicately, oh I know, this sucks my left one.

So, please dear readers, accept my apologies. Once normal internet conditions are available, the blog will return in full force. No joke and no lie.

Now, let me push the publish button, and hope this gets through.

This is kind of helpfull

I think it is. It saves time and, like, the effort of typing URLs. Check it out.

World, hold on

People, sorry for disappearing the past few days, but I've been overwhelmed with work, news of arrests and developments in the country. Been trying to get some perspective on the whole thing. Regular blogging will resume tomorrow!

Prepare for a Sandmonkey avalanche

in 3..2…1..

Here we go! 

The internet is touch and go

This is super weird. The internet keeps coming and going. Guess I will blog till it gets cut off again!

Ohh..Facebook removed the “IS”

Breaking news fellow Teezbookers: Facebook removed the "is" in the status section.

About fuckin time.

 Ok, back to work!

Back in 12

Been busy with work for the past 2 days, but there are new posts, ones that involve actual writing, stuffed in my ehad and waiting for thei chance to be released. Once I am done with work, I will blog again. Promise!

See you in 12 hours! 

Hate for Free

Want to hate on your facebook friends but can't? No worries: Hatebook – the anti-social utility that connects you to people you hate- was designed for you! Go froth and spread lies and hate boys and girls. It sure as hell beats getting poked!

Quelling Rumors

Let's put this one to rest once and for all: I am still in Egypt. I am staying in Egypt. I am not in the US and I am not going to the US. Ok? Khalas? Eshta!

Where do we go from here?

You know, I had plans to revive this blog on august first. I was going to update you all about what happened in the previous 3 months and what's I am involved with now. Low and Behold, my Grandmother dies that day, which unleashes a series of unpredictable events which consequences I still haven't even processed till this day. But nevermind all that.

 The question that has faced me ever since I've written my past post has been: Can you go back to blogging again after this post? Is that even possible?

Well, I guess not without an interjectional post, which is what this is.

The Blogging will be lite, and it will take some time to find my voice again, so bear with me. 

The end of lying

For those who don't know, I am a techno-phile. Facing new technology, I go all Ga-ga like a little child and point to my new newly wanted toy and go "Me WANNTSSSS", to like, no one in particular but me, since i have to buy my own toys now (damn you adulthood). So naturally I am very positive on new technology and gadgets, and am always finding excuses ways to buy new ones. All you need is find me a cool new feature, and I am sold. The Ultimate consumer in many ways. And one of the areas I am most affected about this is cell-phones. If I am to change cell-phones, I have to get me the newest, coolest, sexiest, most state of the art cell-phone. After all, it has to be worth adding all those numbers I have to the new one, otherwise my lazy ass won't do it. Anyway, this whole introduction was to drive in one major point to you: I LOVE TECHNOLOGY and almost never oppose it. However, there is this new feature in my new phone, that, well, is slightly freaking me out.

My new phone comes with the 2 G video conferencing technology, which means that the cell doesn't only come with one camera phone, but two: One for taking pictures of other things with, and the other to take a picture of your face when talking, in case you want to video-call someone. And it is that feature that concerns me the most. Remember how they used to say that camera Phones will end privacy as we know it? Well, those video-call phones are a harbinger of a different era: it will end lying on the phone as we know it.

This won't happen over-night of course, but the moment the technology starts coming out in newer models, more people will start the use it, which will create a demand for it, make it cheaper to make and easier to install in newer cheaper cell-phones aimed at the greater public's consumption (just like camera-phones. The cheapest phone now has one.). Eventually Video-calling will be the standard way to call people, and therin lies the problem: How will you lie to people over the phone anymore?

For example, when you want to skip work for the day, how are you to lie on the phone to your Boss or co-worker and claim to be sick, when one look at your face in the camera will reveal just how much you are faking it to them? Or, let's say that you are an egyptian girl and you have a curfew, and your parents call you to wonder where you are at and you are at some boy's house. Standard procedure is to go to the balcony, claim you are in a car getting home and there is traffic, while in fact you don't plan to leave for a few more minutes. Well, that procedure will end, cause they will be able to see that you are not in a car, and that you are in some apartment instead and its late at night, and , well, that your ass will be toast when you get home.

Hell, what if you are a guy who hides his political activism from his family, and they call you and you pick up un-noticengly in the middle of a demonstration, well, how ar u to claim that you are just passing next to one, when they will be able to see that you are actually standing and participating in one? Or the friend of yours that you want to ditch on tonight's outing, but can't do it unpolitely, so you claim to be home studieing while you are actually hanging out with the friends already; it used to be enough to tell ur friends to keep quiet till you end the phone call, now you have to leave the entire room out of fear that he might spot one of them in the camera. It goes on and on and on…and I am sure you can add your own examples from your own life and the lives of those around you, the same way I have used one from my life and 3 from my friends' in those past paragraphs. 

Just imagine the possibilities here: we are entering an era without lying-or at least, with reduced lying- over cell-phones. Those of you who don't lie will have no problems, but those of you who have jealous or suffocating spouses or significant others, controlling parents, annoying friends and  over-demanding bosses will be screwed. There will be no escape and no reprieve. No more excuses! Imagine that! and also imagine how many relationships this will strain or end. I am sure it won't be long until some people will refuse to use the technology ( women who just woke up come to mind strongly on that front) or continue using older models, which will be their only option to retain a semblence of privacy, and, ehh, their ability to lie over the phone. They probably won't have no other choice, because you know the cell phone people will keep making them better and cheaper, and a purer, more honest world will come out of it. A world with less lying! Just imagine what that will be like! 

Technology is a dangerous dangerous thing! 


My comments section seems to be greatly messed up!

For weeks now I have been getting e-mails from people whose comments get eaten, or dissappear, or mysteriously re-appear after a day or two. And now I am seeing it myself, with almost 10 new comments on the post below that are showing in the comments section in my dashboard but not in the comment section of the post. It's all messed up.

So, dear commenters, I am really sorry. I am working on it, but I have no diea why it's acting this crazy. Once I find out I will let you know! 

Blogging from a cyber Cafe

My laptop is getting fixed, which sucks because of the timing of it all: I am suppsoed to also guest blog over at Michael Totten. Grrr….

Anyway, at least I don't have it as bad as sharqawi, whose laptop got stolen from his house. The fact that he had a new police torture video he was going public with and that the police refused to have him file a police report of the theft have nothing to do with nothing, of course.


Keeping up with the fun ride that is my life, my computer apparently got hit by the Kernell Virus and the whole system is wiped. I am sending it to the computer store and hopefully they will be able to salvage something. Until then I have no laptop, and no way of doing anything. This sucks. I hate Virus makers. Hate them!


Technical difficulties

First the internet was down.

Then the website was down.

It took 3 days to get things workin again.

and now we are back up! 

Adjusting to the new laws

If you are feeling aparnoid, you can start blogging using a proxy like this one. Me? They probably know who I am already. No point in doing that myself!


WIFI is working. We are back on! We apologize for the delays in service!

Stealing the neighbour’s wifi

I feel so bad about it, but my goddamn ISP keeps giving me the runaround. And to think they were so good before i actually recommended them to people. Hmmph.


So I am stealing a neighour's wifi connection to blog, because it's been too long of a break and I noticed that BP also took a break around the same time, like he always does. I swear to god if he keeps this up I will link to his blog as "my other blog" just to stop the "SM and BP are the same guy" rumors that he seems to like to fuel. Grrrr….

Anyway, now I will be blogging again. Hope you enjoyed the break, I know I didn't. Me without internet is a bad thing. Bastards.

Just let me go read the news first. Been cut off for way too long!