Fruther proof that I am a brainwashed consumer

Behold the new Apple IPhone.


Sure is pretty, ain't it? Me wantssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I don't know what it does different than my cell phone, nor do I really care. Apple has successfully brainwashed me with their gadgets (still resisting on the computer front though) and I am seriously thinking of just transfering all my money to Steve Jobs Bank account and get it over with. Would save time, no?

A good omen

A known islamist thinker, Dr. Mohamed Omara, has recanted words in his latest published book that say that killing non-muslims is fine and dandy in Islam, after the coptic church filed a lawsuit against him. The Doctor claims that he didn't quite mean it this way, and that the words were basically quoted from another islamic scholar Abu Hamid al Ghazaly, who he doesn't usually secondguess, except this time, of course.

All of this is not the reason why I chose this title for this post. 

The reason is as follows: the good doctor refuses to apologize to christians for insinuating in his book that killing them is ok, which is infuriating the commenters on AlArabiya's comments section. If anything, this comment section usually has the kleidoscope of arab opinion, from the caziest islamist Jihadies to the nuttiest bathists arabists, with it's fairshare of jewish and christian haters, and Jiahd apologists. This time, however, things are different. Everybody on the comment section, almost unanimously, calls upon this doctor to apologize and lament those extremists assholes who tarnish the image of Islam or call for the murder or injury of people from other religions. They are speaking out against the islamists extremists who are making a billion muslim in the world look bad. About freakin time this started happening if you ask me!

Barak is back?


Of all the people, Barak? Again? He wasn't enough of a failure the first time around?

Aren't Jews supposed to be smart?

I am starting to think they just have some very over-enthusiastic PR people! 

5 positive things about having the flu

1) You finally get the rest you really want, without anyone accusing you of being the lazy bum you are.

2) People leave you the fuck alone. And they don't say shit about u not getting out of Your Pj's for 2 days!

3) Egyptian cold & flu medicine. 25% alcohol and other narcotics mixed with artifical sweetner. Yummy!

4) You have a good excuse not to write on your blog, because you are too ashamed to admit to having writer's block.

5) Fearing infection, Your annoying aunt covers her nose whenever you pass her by. So you take advanatge of the stiuation and follow her around the house, hoping to see how long she can hold her breath before passing out. You know you are being mean, but fuck it, you are sick. Plus, if you were really mean, you would've gone for a hug, now wouldn't you?

Where was the Sandmonkey that week??

No one really knows why the sandmonkey dissappeared for that week or where he was. However, here are some of the most recurring rumors regarding his whereabouts:

*Spent his time hiding in the sewers after getting stalked by Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson. Cause the ladies love the Monkey. They really really do!

*Was caught trying to jump from the Eiffel tower while screaming: "Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

*Hurt his back while trying to get in touch with his feminine side. They say with natural therapy and Yoga there is a chance he will be able to stick his head up his ass once more! Your Prayers are needed!

*Auditioned for the role of "the other arab guy" on Lost. Shows up to the casting call all dressed up as the Iron Sheikh. Gets banned from the ABC studio lot forever! 

*Wakes up from the Matrix. He is heralded as the One. Saves the world, gets with Trinity, settles down in a posh district in Zion and raises mini-ones!

*Had an epipheny and decided to form the International coaltion of Procrastinators, but still hasn't gotten around to it! 

*Friends and Family conducted an internvetion and sent him to rehab to combat his addiction to Sex, drugs, rock & roll and other american evils. No progress has been reported. Rumor has it he was released after convincing 3 nurses to "stop being so square" and "ride the fun wagon that is me". 

Egypt to regulate the internet

In the name of preventing cyber-terrorism, of course.

"The aim of this initiative is to improve coordination between
different countries to prevent people or terrorist groups from using
international Internet networks to serve their goals," said Aziz Seif
al-Nasr, deputy foreign minister in charge of the terrorism file.

"Adequate legislation and the adoption of new regulations for persons
and companies using the Internet will be part of the measures
introduced by Egypt," he said Thursday.

I bet 50 bucks that it will include some legistlation about websites that "provide content that fosters instability and hatred towards the government". Any takers? 

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