Our fun arab world

I have been following the reactions of the arab population in regards to Saddam's death and those items sprang out to me as share-worthy:

Libya has declared 3 days of mourning over the death of Saddam and Qhaddafi is planning to build a statue of him in the capital.

Saddam's lawyer declared that in the final houres with Saddam, Saddam asked him about the Editors in Chief who were on his payroll. The Lawyer responded that all of them have falterd on his support, except for Mostafa Bakry, the editor of el Osboa, and the editor of Al Quds newspaper. Saddam replied: "well as long as those 2 are still standing their ground, then I have no fear for the future of the arab nations".

The Egyptian Journalists syndicate did a commoneration for Saddam yesterday, where he was decalred "in rank with the greatest leaders and the
national symbols of the Arab nation; those who live eternally in the
minds and hearts of the Arab people like Saladdin, Omar Al-Mukhtar and Saad Zaghloul. He is one of those who sacrificed for the good of the nation and it's liberty." Yes, cause when I think Saddam, I think Saladdin and Saad Zaghloul. Are those people high?

And finally, last but not least, Shaabola , at the meeting of national forces that oppose Saddam's execution, has declared that he believes that the US and Zionist entity will try to assassinate him for his fiery position against them. He then asked everyone there to take care of his children if that ever happened. Cause, you know how dangerous Shaabola is to the jewish zionist conpiracy!

Have a nice day!

The Third way?

I have always maintained that neither Hamas nor Fatah are the solution to the palestinians problems. That in order for this situation to get resolved, a third way has to present itself, and none has presented itself so far. Between Fatah the corrupt and Hamas the suicidal, the palestinians seem eternally screwed and their statehood in doubt. This op-ed piece takes it a bit further and claims that based on the region's history for the past 60 years, a sovreign palestinian state has no chance of existnace or success! I am not sure I agree, but he does have some very valid points!

The "Divine Victory" perfume

It exists, and it's now sold in Lebanon, and if any of you are coming from Lebanon to Egypt, please make sure to bring me one. I want to know how Divine Victory smells like. I have a theory that it smells like Khameini's Ass, but I could be wrong!

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